Back in Time with Jelly Beans by Michelle Godard-Richer

Back in Time with Jelly Beans by Michelle Godard-Richer
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Fueled by curiosity, and her dream of becoming a big-time journalist, Bella Thomas digs deep into the history of her small town. Mayflower thrived until the local Jelly Bean factory burned to the ground in 1927, killing handsome founder, Henry Hinchcliffe, and devastating the economy.

In a twist of fate, instead of Bella finding the past, she’s snatched out of the present and transported to the factory a year before the fire. There she is rescued by the sweet and swoon-worthy Henry.

Bella can’t stop herself from falling for him even though he’s destined to marry another and suffer a tragic fate. Without any regard for her own happiness, Bella is determined to prevent the fire and save Henry. Even if he can never be hers.

Love always finds a way.

The romantic storyline was a sweet and gentle one. The chemistry between Bella and Henry was perfect. Their personalities fit together nicely, and I appreciated the way they slowly moved closer together while continuing to check in on each other to make sure they were both on the same page. I couldn’t think of a better match for either of them, and I eagerly kept reading to find out what might happen to them next.

Time travel wasn’t well explained in this universe. I never quite figured out how it worked and why some characters could do it while others could not. It would have been helpful to know more about this topic, and I would have happily gone for a full five-star rating if the author had fleshed this out a little more.

I adored the kindness in this novella. Time travel can be risky, especially for characters like Bella who suddenly end up almost a century in the past without much knowledge of the social conventions of the 1920s or any appropriate clothing for it. I worried a little about her at first and was delighted to see how welcoming the people she met back then were. They immediately accepted her and did everything they could to make her feel at home. This was such a heartwarming way to transition Bella and the audience to life back then.

Back in Time with Jelly Beans was beautifully romantic.


  1. Fantastic review! I loved this time travel historical romance, too!

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