A Love For All Seasons by Edith Layton

A Love For All Seasons: Five Love Stories Become One Great Romance by Edith Layton
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (171 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender


Felicia, a beautiful innocent faced with the passion of an irresistible rake. Adela, unable to forgive her husband for what he has done to her. Bronwen, forced to choose between a proper marriage and an impossible desire. Marjorie, an unpolished heiress who becomes the target of society’s most jaded gentleman. Rachel, a wife who finds that the marriage game is played with shocking rules in high society.

Five enchanting heroines in five dazzling tales, strung like jewels on a single narrative thread. Five new triumphs by the on and only Edith Layton.

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In Spring’s Promise, young Felicia’s love disappointed her and proposed to another. How will her parents help her with this broken heart? There’s a mystery as to why Jeremy did this to her. Her reaction will make all the difference.

The language is flowery and helps to set the mood of the era. An interesting character comes onto the scene, and suspense is created. The innocent Felicia sees a piece of reality to open her eyes. She meets a man who makes her see the world differently and he her. The ending is charming.

Summer’s Fruit introduces us to Adela and Euan. He comes back from war with a new title and his new very pregnant wife. His reaction to her size hurts her, and their troubles begin. The internal conflicts experienced by both tug a reader into their personal pain. Unfortunately, they have a misunderstanding that builds to epic levels. The author does well showing their feelings. Too bad the couple didn’t speak honestly earlier though. This story is about learning to love again (the same person). Because it’s nicely tied into the first story, it gives the reader a great glance into the lives of the earlier couple.

In Autumn Leaves readers get a peek into the lives of Bronwen and Miss Mayhew, governesses. Bronwen reads a fairytale to the children under her care that holds parallels to what is happening in her life. She has an old friend from her past, the handsome Nick, that she runs into in the park. There are dashes of humor that inspire smiles. Nick is now living in a different world then Bronwen. Should she dare hope anyway? And what about Miss Mayhew? The author does some clever maneuvering to give these ladies their happy endings.

Snow Broth is the winter story of Marjorie, who makes new friends in an interesting and unexpected way. She falls for one in the group then discovers he’s engaged to another of her new friends. She is a young lady with old-fashioned morals, from the country, and is intrigued with her city friends, until they do something to offend her sense of right and wrong. Marjorie, due to her morality, fights her feelings for Beau, a promised man. The ending of this tale offers a surprise, and the tender emotions are written by the hand of an expert.

A Love for All Seasons is a great way to tie up the loose ends while adding new insights into the love of an established couple. There is a wonderful tie-in to the other stories and characters in this last story, and readers get treated to another point-of-view, seeing incidents they saw before but through another’s eyes. All in all, this is a novel well worth the read, a fun and fast-paced book.

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