A London Season by Joan Wolf

A London Season by Joan Wolf
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Young Lady Jane Fitzmaurice had everything that Regency society approved of—flawless beauty, perfect breeding, and a respectable fortune.

But she also had a mind and heart of her own that set heads shaking and tongues wagging.

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Lady Jane had taken London society by storm—but now a whirlwind of scandal was rising as she rode roughshod over all conventions and prepared to take a leap that could destroy her good name, and leave her heart forever broken…

I’m going to share a bit about me because it’s a powerful testimony to how great a book A London Season by Joan Wolf is. I am three months away from being half a century old. My days of staying up past my bedtime to read on a work night ended a while ago. I’ve accepted the fact. My husband jokes that ten p.m. is ‘pumpkin time’, no matter where I am or what I am doing, my body knows its bedtime. A London Season overrode my inner clock – I could not put the book down. It gave me a second wind or something because it was past midnight before I finished it. Even after I finished it, I wasn’t able to go to sleep because I was suffering from a wonderful ‘book glow’. It means that the book left me feeling full of joy, enthusiasm, energy, emotion and AWAKE! lol.

Why couldn’t I put the book down? Why did I love it so much? Let me tell you. First, I have to credit the author, Joan Wolf. I’ve read several of her books and I feel her stories are flawlessly written and I don’t feel they have cookie cutters formulas. A London Season was no exception. I was fully engaged from the beginning to the end. The characters were irresistible. Each person had their unique personality that I either loved or hate.

The synopsis gives a very good description of the heroine, Jane Fitzmaurice. She’s perfect in every way until she doesn’t get her way. A bit of a Jekyll and Hyde trait if I may say so. She definitely “set heads shaking and tongues wagging”. I loved it. I wouldn’t consider her a spoiled brat at all. I agree with the synopsis when it says “she had a mind and heart of her own”. I found her easy to relate to.

The hero, David Chance, was the heart of the book. David and Jane grew up together starting at a very young age. Their circumstances developed who they grew up to be. Their romance was slow, sweet and genuine. I enjoyed the ride with all the bumps, twists and turns. There is more that I want to share but I don’t want to give any spoilers. I suggest this book to be put on a readers list. It’s going on my keeper’s book shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed this seat-gripping journey to their happily ever after.

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