Unscripted by Natalie Aaron & Marla Schwartz

Unscripted by Natalie Aaron & Marla Schwartz
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (283 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed By Dianthus

As a producer on a reality dating show, Abby Edwards knows that true love is a myth. Her career and her friends are all she needs. Right?

When her screenwriter ex makes a hit movie based on their relationship, Abby’s faults are projected on screens across the country. Suddenly the fact that her job depends on orchestrating hot tub hook-ups doesn’t seem so impressive.

Her friends rally to help. Zoë thinks she needs to meet a guy. Stephanie suggests an attitude adjustment. Nancy wants her to get in touch with her inner Goddess. Abby knows they mean well, but she prefers to focus on her work. Unfortunately, she’s already embarrassed herself in front of her new boss, Will Harper, who she would find totally crush-worthy if he weren’t so irritating.

Abby’s about to be reminded that life doesn’t follow a script—and good things happen when you least expect it…

Can you really believe in love when you work for a show that proves love is just another commodity to be bought and sold? Living in a big city, working for a reality TV show, Abby Edwards runs into that question all the time. The jelly is one of the faster action and the best results that this medicine levitra viagra gives. You won’t be able to see everything http://downtownsault.org/category/news/page/3/ order cheap viagra that is so beautiful, for this reason one has to take good care of the eyes. Discuss about it with your cheap levitra uk family doctor and get prescribed. Night Fire and Mast Mood capsules offer the best natural treatment to fight low testosterone. generic levitra sale Not believing in love just becomes easier when working in this industry. Until one day when Will Harper comes into her life and things get all turned around. Ten years, filled with life, friends and love happen and then our two characters met again in a meet cute way. Will the same feelings from that long again still be there or will their show be cancelled before it even makes the cut?

This was a great read that really showed what talented writers both Natalie Aaron and Marla Schwartz are. Not once did the story drag or move too quickly, and the story line itself was so believable that it really drew me in. Quite a few times I laughed out loud at the characters, I cried along with them, and felt like these were people that I would know in the real world.

It was a real pleasure to get to read this book, and I know that anyone else who gets the privilege to read this will feel the same way. These are two authors to look out for, not only for their natural talent but also because they know just how to weave a good story without making it look like work in the least. This book will definitely go onto my keeper shelf and I will be looking for these authors again.

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