Moon Spun by Marilee Brothers

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Moon Spun by Marilee Brothers
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Genre: Paranormal, Contemp
Length: Short Story (148 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 4 suns
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Junior’s back from Mexico with his movie-star entourage. Beck’s using his half-demon charms to “heal” a new girl. Mom’s still wacky and now she’s dating Principal Hostetler. High school is still an obstacle course of drama queens, bullies and nutjobs. The Trimarks are still a menace, and the moonstone pendant has revealed even more mind-boggling powers. In other words, Allie Emerson’s life as the Girl Voted Least Likely To Save The World From Evil has gone from Weird to Super-Charged Super-Weird, and it’s about to get even weirder. You’re a faery princess. So says the mysterious Ryker, whose handsome talents include turning himself into a hawk. By the way, he and Allie are destined to marry. In faery land–Boundless. If they can save it from forces even more deadly than Trimarks and high school. The third book in the Unbidden Magic series plunges readers into a rich other-world of danger, humor, romance, fable, fairytale and magical destiny.

What could possibly be worse than not fitting in at High School? Again, Ms. Brothers has a quick answer for us: Your Mom, dating the principal of your high school. Once again, teen Allie’s everyday life problems vie with her magical world problems for overall disaster quotient.

Moon Spun kicks off with a Allie-problem that is sooo Allie: an empty underwear drawer. On the other hand, totally great things await, or maybe just possibly-great; the return of her boyfriend, Junior.

We have to start doubting Junior straightaway; only he’ll surprise us (and Allie.) He’s a surprise to that old half-demon too (and if you didn’t read book 2, you might well find yourself puzzled at this point.) Allie has enough other issues to keep us occupied than the various boyfriends or potential boyfriends; like her powers seem to go awry in funny incidents. I never could quite figure out if Allie was delighted with being the fresh fruit queen, but her wry response to so many incidents was again a delight. Dialogue is, as ever, fast paced and belieavable.

I love how Ms. Brothers maintains the rural and small-town flavor in Moon Spun. It would have been easy for me to overlook the setting here, as I’ve read the first two books of the Unbidden Magic series. Yes, we still do have the chiming apple tree and grumpy bull. The trailer Allie lives in is still twenty-four feet long. Characters are true to those we met earlier. My main complaint is that perhaps this wasn’t different enough. Nice to find Allie still sorting all this stuff out – and there is still plenty of unpredictable happenings; but the one new thing is probably the hardest to simply believe: the abrupt addition of the fairy kingdom kind of drops out of the sky. The Boundless world is also little Endless. This story is far from dull though: Moon Spun is a fast paced, fun read. Fans of the inestimable Allie will definitely enjoy this third in the series.

I do recommend reading Moonstone, first in the series, and then Moon Rise before this one.

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