Kiss Me Goodnight by Patti Ann Colt

Kiss Me Goodnight by Patti Ann Colt
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (300 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

SUMMER LEFEY blazed to the top of the art world with her painting genius. When she returns to Echo Falls, Texas, for her grandfather’s funeral, she collides with her childhood crush – now a sexy cop. He snares her heart with romance and passion, but falling in love isn’t enough. To have him, she must return to a place she never wanted to go.

TOM APPLEGATE, a dedicated police officer, relishes small-town life and longs for the happiness his parents have. When he reunites with Summer, he thinks he’s found the missing piece of his dream, but falling in love only complicates matters. To have her, he must give up the home of his heart.

Friends, career, family…Can one make the ultimate sacrifice for love?

Texas is a big place, but it’s filled with little towns with the small town magic, the long lasting roots of family, and love. Welcome to Echo Falls, Texas, the town featured in Kiss Me Goodnight. This is my first visit there, and I fell in love with the people that make up Echo Falls. Especially the Applegate family.

Summer LeFey was once a part of Echo Falls. But the desperate desire to go after her dream to paint took her far from Texas, and severed the connection she had with her grandfather. It’s been years since she’s spoken with her grandfather, after he made it clear how he felt when Summer left. Now it’s time for Summer to come home. Summer is tough, she’s committed to her painting, but she doesn’t apply the same heartfelt emotion she puts in her art into her real life. And until she meets Tom and gets a glimpse of his close knit family, she never knew what she was missing.

Tom Applegate had a good relationship with Summer’s grandfather. Such discount rates will automatically guarantee that you save a lot on each Generic viagra prescription australia. Lycopodium: commonly called club moss, is a buying levitra without prescription wonderful homeopathic remedy. In addition, a cheapest viagra tabs person may face difficulty in the middle of the game. All these forms are available in different dosages buy generic levitra and recommended on the premise of male-condition. His feelings towards Summer are a bit hostile and angry at first, but once he gets to know her and spends time with the woman, his emotions quickly change. He knows he shouldn’t get involved with her. There’s a reason she stayed away from Echo Falls for so long, so does he really have a chance at getting Summer to stay? His dreams revolve around Echo Falls, and her grandfather’s house. Complications arise.

Kiss Me Goodnight is an excellent contemporary romance with a bit of a suspense element. Ms. Colt created such believeable, intriguing characters that readers are sure to fall in love with. I sure did. Summer and Tom’s story grabbed me by the heart and held on. Reading about such a family as Tom’s kept a smile on my face. I loved this book and want to go back and find the others that belong in the Echo Falls Series. I hope that the author weaves more tales in this wonderful Texas town. My heart has been stolen by Echo Falls and it’s charming people, but that’s all right with me. I don’t mind a bit!

Readers, if I may make a suggestion. Hurry and get yourself a copy of Kiss Me Goodnight. This touching, warm and fuzzy making love story grabs hold and stays near and dear to the heart if you’ll only let it in.

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