In Her Sights by Robin Perini

In Her Sights by Robin Perini
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (236 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Aloe

SWAT Team Sniper Jasmine “Jazz” Parker can thread the eye of a needle with a bullet. As the only female sniper in the state of Colorado, Jazz is unique–for more than her extraordinary marksmanship skills and cool head. Jazz Parker and her weapon defend the helpless by exacting swift and uncompromising justice. Not bad for the daughter of the town whore.
After growing up on the seedy side of town, Jazz believed when she’d changed her name and her life at fifteen, she’d buried her past. Twelve years later, she even drove away the one man she believed she could love—ex-Army Ranger Luke Montgomery—to protect her secret.

Then, in a fleeting second, the time …

Jazz had an ugly past that she has boxed up in her mind and set aside. She’s now a Jefferson County SWAT team’s only female sniper and has a new name and a new identity. She is making herself a new life. Then things start going wrong…

Jasmine “Jazz” Parker is a very strong female character. The author gives her a lot of inner strength and has made her a cool, focused cop with no soft spots anywhere. So when her past comes back to haunt her, it shakes up who she is but doesn’t change her determination to do her job and protect the people around her.

Ms. Perini also creates a very strong male character. Luke is a war veteran who is now a journalist searching for a big story. She’s attracted to him but has no room for him in her life; especially not if he wants to write about her. The genital is stimulated by using hands, fingers cialis brand online or with any vagina-toys or any household objects. Medical science, with every passing year, prescription viagra without is launching new treatment for the problems. To cialis prescription cheap get and maintain better erections you need a greater blood flow filling the capillaries of the penis. Reference this pharmaceutical drug around the wrapper from the box to understand in regards best prices on cialis to the precise level of dose for being used. Alone is the way she likes it best. The author takes these two strong but vulnerable characters and sticks them in a life or death situation where they must trust and depend on each other. Ms. Perini also makes them both self-sufficient and hard headed enough that trying to stay alive is secondary to them; they want to catch the killer. They are each trying to protect each other. And just to add a bit more emotional impact to the story, the author adds a child. Luke found out he was a father after he returned from war and he’s just getting used to being one.

This author has the ability to wring your heart out. Both main characters have baggage and Jazz is afraid of love because of her past. As you watch them try to solve the mystery of which person in her past might be in her present, they both share heartache and worries and spend time dancing around the mutual attraction they feel.

The story is a good mystery. I found myself relating to the characters easily. It’s a fast paced story with no let up as Jazz tries to find her enemy and Luke tries to save his daughter. It’ll keep you sitting on the edge of your chair as you read it.

I’m putting my copy in my permanent library. If you enjoy a good suspense/thriller story with a bit of soul searching and romance included, this book is for you.

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