Book of the Month Poll Winner ~ Cliff’s Descent by Dianne Duvall (Author), Kirsten Potter (Narrator)

Cliff’s Descent by Dianne Duvall (Author), Kirsten Potter (Narrator)
Immortal Guardians Series, Book 11
Publisher: Self-published, Audio publisher: Tantor Audio
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Every mortal who works at network headquarters knows that vampires reside below them. They were the first to surrender to the powerful Immortal Guardians who hunt them. And they did so, hoping they can be saved, that the doctors and scientists the Immortal Guardians employ can halt the progressive brain damage that robs all vampires of their sanity. Though curious, Emma never thought she would meet any of the vampires who remain under heavy guard several stories beneath her office. Then mercenaries strike, bombarding the building with heavy artillery. The vampires are freed to join the fray… and Cliff saves her life.

From that moment on, she can’t stop thinking about him regardless of the restrictions placed on interactions with vampires. When Emma discovers a way to speak to Cliff at network headquarters, she becomes even more fascinated by him. He’s smart, charming, and honorable to his core despite the darkness that lies ahead. And he seems to crave her company as much as she does his. Aware of the eyes that watch them, they keep their encounters innocent, limiting them to those of mere acquaintances. Nevertheless, their attraction grows and she soon falls in love with him even as the madness begins to claim him.

Cliff realizes his future is dark. As one vampire friend after another succumbs to insanity, hope that network doctors will be able to find a cure in time to keep him from meeting the same fate begins to dwindle, leaving him little to look forward to… until he meets Emma. Just speaking to her brings him a happiness and contentment he hasn’t experienced since before his transformation. And when they finally find a way to be alone together, everything changes. Emma burrows her way right into his heart and quiets the voices. She sparks dreams of a future with her that strengthen his determination to beat back the madness. But as time passes, the voices grow louder and insanity begins to chip away at him until he fears it will eradicate every part of him she fell in love with.

Will the two of them find a way to defy the odds and find their happily-ever-after? Or will Cliff’s descent consume him?



  1. Rosie Shiel says

    Just brilliant.

  2. Excellent read, just like all the other books in this series!

    • Xeranthemum says

      Agreed. There’s not one book in the series that was less – they all hit the bullseye with me. Audio or print, I adore them all! 🙂

  3. Loved this book! It’s a wonderful conclusion to Cliffs storyline while also moving the series forward. Loved it!

    • Xeranthemum says

      I thought so too, Tammi. But here’s where I have MORE questions. Will Cliff become a second? He has the skills, right? And what will Joe think when he finds out? You’re on the mark about it moving the series forward.

  4. Another great book from Dianne Duvall

  5. Another wonderful story told by Dianne Duvall

  6. This is the story so many of us longed for. I am not one bit disappointed in the way Dianne made Cliff’s tale out to be.
    Keep on writing! So many others want their tales told too!
    *loves and hugs*

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