Promises in the Dark by Karen Wiesner

Promises in the Dark by Karen Wiesner
Angelfire II Quartet, Book 4
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (191 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Heaven’s promise, desire’s flame…

Return to Karen Wiesner’s award-winning Angelfire Trilogy. There are no scars like those inflicted in childhood, and no love like your first. Timeless couples Diane Hoffmann and Mikey Lund, Roxanne Hart and Jamie Dubois, Cherish Stephenson and Ty Foxx, and Sapphire Stephenson and William Decker seek out the unconditional love and healing of an angel and the scorching heat of unending passion.

William Decker has lived his life on the principle of ‘Better to not love what you never had to begin with’ and ‘You can’t be hurt by anything you haven’t invested yourself in’…and he can’t deny his life mottos have done little beyond keep him lonely.

Sapphire Stephenson married, had a child—and divorced—before she was out of her teens. Her entire life is wrapped up in being a good role model for her daughter and not trusting any man, living or dead. Decker seems to be the one exception. But is even he capable of more than promises in the dark?

William Decker, an orphan who grew up without warmth or companionship from those around him, has been a loner all his life, preferring solitude, loneliness and dark corners to friends, anything resembling a spotlight, and even love. When he met Roxanne Hart his first and only year of college, he’d found a center he’d unconsciously looked for all his life. Though Rox loved him deeply as a friend, she was in love with another man and he’d never really had a shot there, despite his relentless, decades-long loyalty. When she announces her wedding, William knows it’s past time for him to stop wishing for the moon, but, more than that, he realizes for the first time that he’d set his heart on an unavailable woman purposely. He’s lived his life on the principle of ‘Better to not love and lose what you never had to begin with’ and ‘You can’t be hurt by anything you haven’t invested yourself in.’ He can’t deny his life mottos have done little beyond keep him lonely…

Sapphire Stephenson married, had a child—and divorced—before she was out of her teens. But starting out life with a newborn and a mother who refused to understand why she couldn’t forgive her cheating, abusive husband, she’d taken the only jobs she’d been able to get, ending up as a bartender in a rough biker joint on Staten Island. Sapphire is certain of two things: That being a good role model for her daughter is the most important thing in her life…and that there isn’t a man alive worth any loyalty. The dudes who come through the bar have no respect for–let alone interest in– anything that isn’t transitory with the women around them. William Decker, long-time patron of the bar, close friend of its owner and now head of security, is the one exception to the rule she’s observed. He intrigues her the way no other man ever has. But is even he capable of more than promises in the dark that he’ll break without regret by the morning light?

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Did Yasmine know about William “Deck” Decker, the bouncer at bar, the man who’d saved her from being raped and now takes her breath away with the steamy sex they enjoy in the bar’s office after her bartending duties and his bouncer duties are over for the night?

Being a good example for Yasmine, her sixteen-year-old daughter, had been Sapphire’s mission in life. She hadn’t brought a man home in ten years.

On the run for most of Yasmine’s life, with only each other to cling to, they’d been more than just mother and daughter; they’d been best friends until recently.

Beautiful, responsible, industrious, intelligent Yasmine, seemingly overnight, had become a rebellious teenager with a boyfriend too old for her. When Sapphire set rules, the angry “You’re a hypocrite” spewed out of Yasmine’s mouth.

Deck, tough, handsome, mysterious, and long-time customer, had stopped his heavy drinking and turned bouncer after Sapphire’s near rape. He’d know her for years and used her for a shrink as he sat at the bar drinking himself to numbness night after night. Rejection, he couldn’t come to terms with, had shredded his self esteem—for some reason he’d been deemed unworthy to be loved by his own mother and the women he’d protected and loved–still loves.

Deck’s “Whatever you want, honey,” sounds like a promise. But are promises made in the dark meant to be kept?

Once burned, twice shy, Sapphire questions her own actions, but being with Deck feels so right.

They all have emotional miles to go before they can find their happy-ever-after—making captivating reading.

Karen Wiesner does a super job of making a book that is in a series very readable as a standalone story. Her characters, with all their flaws, come alive and reach right in and touch the reader’s heart. As she weaves their back stories in, one’s heart grieves for the hurts they’ve suffered.

She makes Promises in the Dark a memorable vicarious experience for the reader.

Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Having a Baby by Karen Wiesner

Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Having a Baby by Karen Wiesner
Friendship Heirlooms Series Book 6
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Genre: Inspirational, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Comedy
Length: Full Length (193 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Clumsy girl Zoe Rossdale is back, married to the love of her life, Curt Bertoletti, and setting off on another crazy adventure–maybe the most fun and dangerous of all. Having a baby!

“I limped up the hill, glaring at the evil, innocent looking stool…”
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This was a first for me, I’ve heard about people who are this clumsy, but never really met them. This book brought me into the mind and life of a clumsy married woman.

Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Having a Baby does not start at or before the wedding. It starts five years into the marriage. This was a simple love story, but a love story that does a fantastic job of depicting married life. As the much anticipated follow up to Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Falling in Love, it was a neat way to see what happens when the honeymoon is over.

I loved reading about Zoe’s clumsy “accidents”. They were hilarious to the point of being almost unbelievable.

It was so easy to visualize this young woman who trips over blades of grass or air. A young woman who gets into a lot of clumsy accidents and then she gets pregnant. Gets big and can’t see her feet. If for nothing else this book should be read for the hilarity of it all.

That being said, Zoe’s clumsiness is not the only story here and that is a good thing. The book has some serious parts which made it all the more real because a marriage is sometimes serious. Couples don’t always communicate well and sometimes they disagree. It’s real life. The romance is hot but the bedroom door is firmly closed.

A clever story told mostly from Zoe’s POV but with insight into Curt’s take on it all. A very entertaining read.

Til Summer Comes Around by Karen Wiesner

Til Summer Comes Around by Karen Wiesner
(Adventures in Amethyst Book 5)
Publisher: Writer’s Exchange E-Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (228 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

When Quinn Rutledge and Summer Rosales met on a warm summer night on the shores of beautiful Lake Amethyst, they were both young, all was right in the world, and the only thing on their agenda was romance—one that neither of them wanted to end with the summer and closing of resort town Amethyst’s tourist season. Promises and plans were made. Promises were broken…

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Has Summer waited too long to return?

Summer is definitely not the type of woman to get caught up in a whirlwind romance. She is a very organized young woman with specific goals for her life. Her romance with Quinn caught her off guard. Unfortunately, Summer wasn’t ready to let her carefully laid plans be derailed. Little did she know how much her life was about to change. When Summer left, Quinn felt like a part of him died. It has been four years. Will Quinn still be waiting, or has Summer missed out on the love of a lifetime?

Summer and Quinn have an amazingly intense connection given the short amount of time they spent together and the duration of their separation. Their love for each other is so strong that it compelled them to wait for each other. Quinn literally put his entire life on hold for years waiting for her to come back, and even though Summer continued with her schooling and professional goals, she clearly wasn’t truly living either. I understand why Summer is reluctant to return and confess what had happened immediately after she parted from Quinn, but I really can’t believe she didn’t try to contact him sooner as it is clear she never got over him.

Summer finally decides to go back to Amethyst, but almost at exactly the same time as Quinn’s professional life hits a major snag that will require him to leave Amethyst. I was on pins and needles wondering if Summer would make it in to town before Quinn left. While the anticipation of their reunion really added a lot of suspense to the story, I do think it was drawn out a bit too much. I was nearly half way through the book before they actually met in person. However, I am pleased to report that they do indeed get together and their reunion is certainly memorable.

Summer has some major trust issues that need to be resolved. She tells Quinn about her arrest almost immediately, but there are some other details that she is very reticent about sharing. While I understand that Summer thinks she is protecting him, I could see that postponing the inevitable would only make things worse. I knew it was only a matter of time before certain facts came to light. However, I wasn’t expecting them to be revealed in such a terrible way. Once the whole story came out, Quinn and Summer’s relationship is really put to the test. Will Summer finally trust Quinn completely?

Overall, I enjoyed reading Til Summer Comes Around. Quinn is a wonderful, gentle hero and is a perfect match for Summer. I enjoyed watching them reconnect, and their happy ending is certainly well deserved. Fans of contemporary romance would do well to give this story a try.

Falling Star by Karen Wiesner

Angelfire Trilogy Book 1: Falling Star by Karen Wiesner
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Genre: Inspirational, contemporary
Length: Full Length (172 pgs)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed By Dianthus

A man of God, a fallen angel. Two different worlds, one undying love… For the first time in her life, Rori Mason is independent, supporting herself; she has friends who love her, and-most importantly-she respects herself. She’s vowed never to allow a man to hurt her again. Nate Jovanovich broke the heart of a younger, less cynical Rori by marrying her rival. 11 years later, Nate has lost his wife, gained a child and, at the end of it all, realizes Rori is still the woman of his heart.

If you enjoy good quality reading, with a great ending and wonderful characters this is a story for you. Aurora and Nathan are great characters that will pull you in and keep you page turning until you can’t wait to pick the next book in this series.

Aurora never had it easy in life. With a father that never showed her he loved her and a wild streak and mile wild she never expected to find that she lost her heart to the boy next door, who was in love with God as much as her. One night a kiss is shared and there is no going back. She gave her heart away and never got it back. For the rest, the question must be asked, what deeper dangers are the drugs merely masking and cialis 20 mg my link at what expense to their whole health picture? (The drug information in this article is an informative overview only – not a diagnostic tool. Tell your levitra salet on the off chance that you are experiencing any sort of cardiovascular sickness, kidney and liver illness, then it is ideal to avoid this illness Joint Pain, affecting one or more joints are caught. Kamagra is viagra without prescription uk recommended by the several doctors in the middle of the nineteenth century. You viagra prices can gain more knowledge on impotence through Impotence Updates. When her love was taken away she ran, as far and as fast as she could from the truth, for eleven years she harbored uncertainty and doubt about Nathan.

Nathan has loved Aurora all his life it seemed, but after a shared passionate kiss his all-consuming love for her scared him. He feared that if he stayed with her that he would lose everything and that he love of God would be tested because of her. So he married another, but he dreamed of Auroraand love her from afar for eleven years until his wife died. Meeting Aurora again brought back his love and he realized that he had given her his heart when they first met and that they were meant to be together.

But after a life lived apart for so long, secrets and doubts threaten the tender love they share, and only time will tell if they can weather the storm to find that they were made to be together.

Falling Star was something that hit me unexpectedly. This book was nothing that I was anticipating when I started reading, but the story drew me in and I couldn’t stop until I knew how it ended. The characters were so well written that it was hard to not imagine this story being something that happened in real life that I was just watching as it unfolded. Karen Wiesner is definitely on my keeper list.