The Psychology of Music by Susan Hallam

The Psychology of Music by Susan Hallam
Publisher: Routledge
Genre: Non-Fiction, Contemporary
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

How does music affect our moods?

What is the best way to develop musical skills?

How does the definition of music vary between cultures?

The Psychology of Music explores the important impact music has on our everyday lives, and its influence on society, groups and individual people. It demonstrates how music can benefit our intellectual functioning, and health and well-being, and examines musical ability as both a gift and something that can be developed through learning and practice.

Music can enhance our understanding of humanity and modern life and The Psychology of Music shows us the significance of music, and the power it can have over our behaviour.

Do you like music and psychology? This book addresses both. The subjects are intertwined in an informative way. Going through these pages, readers will learn about things like mood and music, musical skills (Is talent natural or developed?), perfect pitch versus relative pitch, music defined in different parts of the world (What constitutes music?), how does music affect learning in other fields, and much more.

This book is enlightening and entertaining. Some of its contents will seem to offer intrinsic knowledge, but some will offer surprises.

This is a great way to see music in a different light but also to see humanity in one as well. Music is a strong presence in life, so this book will give something valuable to readers.