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Summer’s a time for growth and relaxation
By Maggie Toussaint

Spring rolls easily into summer, especially in coastal Georgia where I live. During spring there’s that greening up and sparkle of new life everywhere, and during summer, nature gets busy. Summer is growing season.

All year long, I look forward to summer-fresh veggies and fruit from local orchards. I’m hard-pressed to say whether a tomato sandwich or a BLT is my favorite summer meal. But then there’s watermelon, blueberries, and peaches. Yum!

And fresh corn. Omigosh. Is there anything more satisfying than corn that slept in the garden last night? My mouth’s watering thinking about it.

Show of hands. How many folks remember sitting on the porch as a kid and snapping beans (or shelling peas)? That’s how many of my summer afternoons were spent. Well, that and swimming. Nothing better than a dip in the local swimming hole on a hot summer day.

Another favorite summer activity, especially in the heat of August was and still is reading. If you like romance blended with mystery and suspense, my books are just the thing for sultry heat and southern adventure.

My Mossy Bog series of romantic suspense/romantic mystery novels started with my interest in old historical homes. Muddy Waters, a story about a realtor and a security expert searching for a lost inheritance, was meant to be a standalone novel, but fans clamored for more from the town of Mossy Bog.

I went back to the drawing board and created my award-winning novel, i>Hot Water, book 2 in the Mossy Bog series. In Hot Water, a cop and an arson investigator are closing in on a serial arsonist.

By this time, I was hooked on the idea of returning to Mossy Bog again, and three’s a good number, right? Book 3 of this series releases Aug. 29, 2014. Rough Waters is about a florist and a former SEAL hunting for stolen treasure, and it’s peopled with the characters and setting you’ve come to love.

Thank you for sharing my love of summer and reading. I hope we meet again soon!

I have a giveaway! Share your favorite summer activity in a comment and be entered in a drawing for a copy of Muddy Waters, the book that launched the series. Be sure to leave your address if you want to be considered in the drawing.

maggie RoughWaters_w8335_750 (2)“Former Navy SEAL Rock Mackenzie wants his stolen gold sovereigns back. Time is running out on the loan repayment for his treasure hunt and unless he finds the coins, he will have to forfeit a family heirloom and all hope of finding the sunken ship carrying the gold.

Pink-haired florist Jeanie Munro learned responsibility the hard way after her ex-husband abandoned her and their two children. Once a wild child with a heart full of adventure, Jeanie finds herself falling for yet another bad boy dreamer—until thieves ransack her shop and home and Rock reveals her ex is to blame for their troubles.

Is he? Or did Rock bring danger to her doorstep? In return for his protection, Jeanie agrees to help find the missing coins. Will their thirst for adventure get them killed, or will they discover the true meaning of treasure before it’s too late?

About the Author: MaggieToussaint_Large (2)Southern author Maggie Toussaint loves to blend murder and romance in her fiction. With twelve published books to her credit, her latest release is Rough Waters, a romantic mystery about stolen treasure. Earlier this year, she released Gone and Done It, a paranormal mystery. Maggie lives in coastal Georgia, where secrets, heritage, and ancient oaks cast long shadows.

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Candy and flowers and love – oh my!

by Maggie Toussaint
Happy Valentine’s Day!
What’s the best gift for Valentine’s day? A card? Candy? Roses? A teddy bear? The options are as limitless as your imagination.
This holiday is all about romance and love. Everyone hopes to be swept off his or her feet and fall madly in love. For those who aren’t in a relationship at Valentine’s Day, romance writers are here to help! Though experiencing romance and love first hand are the best, living vicariously through a well-crafted story can put the pep in your step.
Speaking of romances, my Muddy Waters has a strong heroine who yearns for love. Roxie’s the girl-next-door type, the one who helps others reach their dreams, while no one notices she has dreams of her own happily ever after.
In walks the town’s bad boy, all tall, dark, and dangerous, and Roxie’s prospects for romance increase dramatically. Though Sloan’s a charming rogue, she wants to believe in them.
Can you guess what happens to Sloan and his gift of roses? Read this abridged excerpt from Muddy Waters:
Sloan tapped his thumbs against the steering wheel to the rollicking beat of “Rambling Man by the Allman Brothers as he sped east. He couldn’t wait to see Roxie. He reached in the cup holder, picked up her business card, and sniffed the faint vanilla fragrance. Only a few more miles to go.
She was on the phone in her cozy office when he parked next to her burnished red Cadillac DeVille. No one else was around. Good.
He reached into the cooler in the back and withdrew the red roses he’d bought in Atlanta. Flowers in hand, Sloan strode into her office. With each step, he felt lighter, happier.
“I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow,” Roxie said as she rose.
He stopped when his shoes touched hers. “I missed you.”
Her eyes widened into shimmering tropical pools. He inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with her essence. He fitted his hands to her waist and drew her close. “I’ve been thinking of you all week.”
MUDDY WATERS in Digital format: Kindle  and Wild Rose Press
MUDDY WATERS in Print:  Wild Rose Press and Amazon
What happens next with Sloan and Roxie?
What Valentine’s gift would sweep you off your feet?
Maggie Toussaint


Heroes who make you go ahhhh
By Maggie Toussaint

We admire heroes. They’re larger than life; they accomplish the impossible; they glow with vitality. In creating heroes for romance fiction, writers are faced with the challenge of having flawed characters act nobly, characters who must come to the realization that love is all.

Not an easy thing for an alpha male to admit. Like ordinary people, heroes tend to stick with what they know. If they’re firefighters or special forces or even park rangers, they do their job to the best of their ability. Mushy stuff isn’t for them. These aren’t the kind of men who sit down and chat about their feelings.

But when they do, it’s pure magic.

As readers, we know that searching for completion is our unstated goal as we go about the business of life. Sure we may be climbing the corporate ladder or hoping to keep our job in tough times, but none of that matters in our heart center. If we’re miserable and lonely, the best job in the world or untold riches won’t fix that.

Celebrating that moment of truth where the pretense of life is stripped away and we (heroes, too) look at our core and open it up to joy and happiness – well, that’s downright contagious. For writers of romance fiction and for readers, that’s the big payoff, when the character stops resisting the power of love and accepts that they don’t know everything.

Additionally, romance authors often have their hero bare their soul to their love interest. For a conflicted character, especially a male with communication troubles, this exchange and vulnerability is something he’s avoided his entire life. As readers, we get to experience that vicarious thrill of self-discovery with the heroic character.

When all is said and done, we feel that the hero deserves a happy ending, and we come away from the book with a good feeling about the characters and the writer.

Some of my favorite book ahhh! heroes have been written by Jayne Ann Krentz and JD Robb, two of my favorite authors. Suzanne Brockmann also writes strong alpha males that resonate with me long after the pages are turned. And because I love these characters, I visit them more than once by rereading their stories.

Here are my questions for you. Do you have books on your keeper shelf you read multiple times? Or is it just a quick once through the book and you’re done? Are there heroes you’d like to meet?

(Not to brag too much, I had women stop me on the street because they wanted to know who I’d modeled my first published hero after. They wanted to marry him. That made me feel like I’d gotten it right.)

I’ll go first with a hero that makes me go ahhh! Roarke, Eve Dallas’ husband, is darn near unforgettable. He’s got a warrior’s physique and a warrior’s mentality, but he appreciates nice things. The way he treats Eve, as if she’s the best thing that ever happened to him, makes me fall in love with him every time I pick up a JD Robb book.

I’ll be waiting to hear your take on heroes that make you go ahhhh!

Maggie Toussaint
Author of romantic suspense
MUDDY WATERS, available now!
e-book: digital format at Wild Rose Press
trade paperback: Amazon Wild Rose Press

Author Maggie Toussaint is published in mystery and romance. Her recent release, MUDDY WATERS, is a romantic suspense where danger stalks friends turned lovers as they search for hidden treasure. Her debut release, HOUSE OF LIES, won Best Romantic Suspense in the 2007 National Readers Choice Awards. Maggie’s an active member of Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, and Sisters In Crime. Visit her at and at