Blue Star Boy by Gavin Atlas

Blue Star Boy by Gavin Atlas
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LBGTQ
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Jerry’s goal is to fulfill as many sexual fantasies as he can before he starts graduate school in the fall. The next fantasy on his list is topping a surfer, and with the help of the internet, he’s discovered a submissive young man on the Texas coast who is famous for giving up his incredible rump on the beach at sunset.

But when he meets Adriano, Jerry is stunned, and not just by the surfer’s beautiful body. The combination of Adriano’s sweet essence and natural sex appeal have Jerry wanting much more than a one-night stand.

Two hot men, one chance meeting and a hot time to ensue?

I didn’t know what I’d get when I picked up this book. Sweet romance? There is some in there. These two men are trying to find something in this crazy world, so yes, that part is sweet. Something saucy? There’s that, too. There is certainly spice. This is a short story, but there’s a lot in it and it’s fun.

Adriano has been embarrassed by his ex and his name placed online as a Blue Star Boy–there for someone’s good time. He’s not interested, until Jerry comes along. Jerry just wants a one-nighter. Then he meets Adriano. I liked the pairing and the pacing of this story. It’s good. I’ll read more by this author.

If you’re looking for a quick romance that will satisfy for a lunchtime read, then this is the one for you.

The Right Move by BL Dayhoff

The Right Move by BL Dayhoff
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (179 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy, LGBTQ Interaction
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

Trevor can never leave good enough alone. So when he meets model-gorgeous Chase who has an aversion to being touched, he spots a challenge. After all, no one wants to go through life not being touched by anyone, right? Despite a friend’s plea not to, Trevor sets his sight on fixing Chase.

After being forced to transfer his senior year of college, Chase just wants to avoid drama, pass his classes, get his degree, and move on (and back to his friends). He’s not looking for new friends, and his attitude gives him a reputation that makes it easy to accomplish. At least until he meets Trevor.

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Taking a chance on this novel will guarantee to be The Right Move! Getting wrapped up in the sometimes complicated flirtations between Chase and Trevor will make your heart pound and your pulse race!

BL Dayhoff has somehow crafted a book that is in the perfect stages between young adult and adult where the reader gets to fall into the ideal version of college, full of many nerdtastic real-world allusions, while also fulfilling the steamy fantasies that we could only dream would happen to us during our own four year tenures.

Trevor is everyone’s favorite college goofball, excited to be a part of everything and anything and always looking to lend a helping hand, even when nobody asks for it. So when Trevor’s world collided with gorgeous but complicated Chase’s, his motives of trying to help the transfer student began to change.

The readers are given plenty of adorable romantic moments, but Dayhoff has also gifted us with a wonderful helping of steamy scenes that will have you (and Trevor), begging for more!

While reading The Right Move it was nice to have a sweet storyline about the budding relationship between Chase and Trevor while also working through the major conflicts of the plot in a very important and practical way. What happens in the bedroom is very sexy, but the open line of communication between partners in this book is what keeps us sat-is-fied!

Let The Right Move take you back to a time where the world was your oyster and getting the full college experience was the pearl! This novel will fill you with nostalgia, meet you where you are at, and it will take you into the world of your deepest desires! Happy reading!