Captive by Cheryl Brooks

Captive by Cheryl Brooks
Cat Star Legacy 3
Publisher: Derrymane Press
Genre: Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

She stole his freedom… He captured her heart

Moriconthan “Moe” Tshevnoe finds an outlet for his anger when a brawl breaks out in a dusty barroom on Haedus Nine. He joins in the melee with enthusiasm, until he is taken prisoner by a beautiful Zetithian woman with electric blue eyes.
Forced into hiding by the cruel tyrant who covets her, Klara Tavock must do whatever she can to survive. Impressed by Moe’s pugilistic talent, she captures him, intending to sell him as a gladiator slave. But there’s something about this sexy Zetithian she simply can’t resist.

The attraction between them is powerful and undeniable, but when Moe and Klara join forces with the local rebels, they trigger a revolution that could destroy them all…

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I am very biased. I adore the Zetithian heroes that Ms. Brooks has created. They’re so unique, fun and their ‘gifts’ are incredibly alluring. Moe, a/k/a Moriconthan Tshevnoe, the hero in Captive, continues the story many years after The Cat Star Chronicles ended. If readers remember the original series, Jack from Slave was an amazing heroine. Well, she’s Moe’s mom, so I guessed that this was going to be good. Yes, Ms. Brooks delivers another exciting, wonderful and well written romance adventure for fans to enjoy.

The author provided a story set in an unusual environment, a dying planet, but with a typical villainous megalomaniac with a twist. That twist isn’t revealed until almost the end, which is genius because it wasn’t just my own mouth hanging open in shock, it was all the characters in the book too. It turns out that the villain has ties to one of the characters in the previous series. It’s not a close connection, but enough to make the revelation even more fascinating. But, I digress. The romance is the focus.

Moe and Klara’s first meeting doesn’t go so well. In fact, it’s the heroine that starts off as being the enemy. Talk about kicking things off with a zing. The pace keeps up with the action; from running from Nedwuts, or from Pelarus, the creep who wanted Klara’s mom but is now after her, or trying to escape a palace filled with things to entice Klara to give up her resistance. The descriptions Ms. Brooks used to describe a dying planet were clear and depressing. As it should be, but it was made apparent even more by the revelations of one of the residents of the city – the planet used to have lots of water, vegetation and wildlife. What happened? Readers will find out when they read the book.

My favorite part of the romance between Moe and Klara is the progression of their bodies’ recognizing the other as mates. I grinned when first there was the hiss, then, oh my goodness, the purr. I adore that about the men of Zetith. It’s not just the purring though; the coup de grace is the effects of snard. It proves that Ms. Brooks has a brilliant mind. The idea of what it can do, and why it does what it does and the results of its effectiveness makes me wish something like that was real. Not chemically real but naturally real, like if guys like Moe and his kin actually existed – well, without the asteroid destroying their planet kind of thing.

Anyway, when Klara actually accepts and succumbs to the charms, purrs and sensual exposure of Moe’s snard, that was a pivotal moment of their romance. That is when Klara began to hope, to believe in Moe’s confidence and assurance that Haedus Nine could be saved, that they could leave the planet and she’d be able to explore and learn so many things about the bigger universe. But the biggest lesson that she could learn right then and there, is not only to trust in Moe but to believe in love and that Moe loved her and he could be counted on. She didn’t have to fight to survive alone. It’s those kinds of revelations that allowed Klara to grow, to think beyond the present and believe in a future. It sounds kind of deep for a sci-fi romance but that’s why this book gets high marks from me. It’s not just the hot times induced by the joys of snard that have me liking the novel, but the real emotion, trust, loyalty and sense of family that gave the story depth and strength. I mean, look at how Klara treats the Rackenspries. Ms. Brooks’ description of how they look at Klara melts my heart every time it’s mentioned in the story. It’s so sweet!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t congratulate Ms. Brooks on once again sprinkling Pop Culture references, this time from Dune, into the storytelling. I burst out in giggles when I realized what Moe was making reference to and I shook my head while chuckling. It was so cleverly done, I’m still grinning. Cheryl Brooks has a sense of humor I greatly appreciate and am so happy she shares it in her writing so we can enjoy it too.

Captive may be a short word for a title but the book itself is big; big in heart, hope, love, challenge, courage, adventure, and family. The writing is just as perfect as all the other books I’ve read by this author in the Cat Star series, and I can guarantee you that I’m a very happy reader. Captive is a must read book for reasons more numerous than what I’ve mentioned in this review. Moe and Klara’s romance is joining my keeper shelf along with the rest of Moe’s extended Zetithian family. I’m so happy!