A Very Private Woman by Connor Whiteley

A Very Private Woman by Connor Whiteley
Publisher: CGD Publishing
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

An Invitation Like No Other. Sister Rivalry. A Very Private Woman.

Nothing is as it seems.

Private Eye Bettie English receives a visitor. She hears a top-secret job offer. Bettie knows something is afoot.

Bettie needs to find the truth.

If you enjoy gripping, unputdownable private eye mysteries holding you from the first to last word. You will love this book!

Be careful whom you trust.

The pregnancy subplot added some nice twists to this mystery. I can’t say much about it without giving away spoilers, but I liked seeing how the author used common pregnancy symptoms to encourage his characters to do certain things that they probably would not have otherwise done. This isn’t something I’ve seen very often in this genre, and I found it refreshing to have such an ordinary but important part of life included in the character arcs.

While I understand that there are additional books coming about Bettie and the other characters, I did find myself wishing that the narrator had spent more time on character development in this introduction to their world. I certainly didn’t expect to figure everything out about the characters right away, but it would be tricky for me to describe their personalities in depth at the moment. My fingers are crossed that we’ll get to know Bettie and the people closest to her better in the future because I really wanted to give this a higher rating. The storyline itself was exciting and fun.

Speaking of the plot, I enjoyed the author’s dedication to keeping everything moving along at a quick pace. That was an excellent choice for this particular mystery, and it kept my interest levels high from the first scene to the last one. There was always something to urge me to continue reading for just one more page which was a wonderful excuse to ignore the outside world for a while and see what happened next.

A Very Private Woman was an intriguing start to a new mystery series.