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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Anise Storm who is celebrating the release of her newest book Deadly Intentions .

When Viviana Spataro’s best friend was murdered, revenge became her number one focus and ten years later, her mission for vengeance is almost complete. The only obstacle standing in her way is the son of the man she wants to destroy, the sexy and lethal, Nazario Vaccaro. Fans of dark romances will devour Deadly Intentions by Anise Storm, a sexy enemies-to-lovers, mafia romance.

Viviana Spataro had dreams and ambitions until the murder of her best friend in a New York City alley changed everything. Overcome with grief, her dreams soon changed. Instead of wanting to heal others as a doctor, she now wants to annihilate the one person responsible.

Ten years later, she finally has her chance. As a mistress to one of the most notorious Mafia Dons in Italy, Stefano’s days are now numbered. Her mission of vengeance is almost complete, or it will be once she can get past the only thing standing in her way. That obstacle is her attraction to the sexy, and equally as lethal, son of the man she’s determined to destroy.

Nazario Vaccaro is well aware of his father’s sins, and he’s hellbent on exacting payback of his own. Viviana doesn’t know the levels of depravity his father is capable of so she has no idea the real danger she is in. He does, and he is determined to protect her, even from herself.

Will he be able to seduce her into heeding his warning as he prepares to take his rightful place upon his father’s throne? Or, will she become collateral damage in a deadly game of betrayal, sex, and secrets?

Enjoy an Excerpt

“You’re going to do what I tell you to do, or else—”

“Or else you’ll kill me like your father did my best friend.” She had thrown it out there and everything I had suspected was now confirmed. There was venom laced within the smoky sensuousness of her voice, especially when she mentioned him.

“You need to let that go,” I warned, more for her protection than anything else. She couldn’t go around throwing things like that out there or else someone would connect the pieces and she would experience a death far worse than Donnatella had.

“I’ll never let that go,” she told me while pushing forcefully at my chest.

“You must,” I repeated.

“F*** you,” she said, her voice now completely filled with pain that the man who’d sired me had caused her. “You don’t get to tell me what to do. You just make sure that you keep your big mouth—”

Knowing where she was headed with it, I grabbed her by the throat and fused my mouth to hers. I had never wanted to kiss her in all the time that I had known her in the past, but as soon as our lips touched, I never wanted to stop. I quickly neutralized her, my tongue tangling with hers in some forbidden dance. She was my father’s mistress, and a witness that should’ve been snuffed out a decade earlier, yet I couldn’t stop kissing her as she held my very life in her hands when it should’ve been the other way around.

She struggled against me, as I suspected she would, until she didn’t. The lack of resistance elicited the same response that being doused with a bucket of ice water would, and I slowly released her from my grasp. When I stepped back, I had miscalculated her mood because she slapped me so quickly and with such force that the entire side of my face stung.

“I’m not leaving until I get what I came here for. Get in my way, Nazario, and it’ll be your last fatal mistake. I am not about taking prisoners. I am collecting body bags.”

I shook my head to not only stop the ringing inside of it from her blow, but the words she spoke. Even back in school, she’d been the soft spoken type. The night in New York City, she’d been scared but resembled the girl I had once known. The vixen in front of me was like something out of my wet dreams. She was arrogant, definitely not a damsel in distress, and someone I would enjoy fucking into submission over and over again. I couldn’t do any of those things, however, because she was going to get her ass killed if she didn’t drop this vendetta and leave town immediately.

“You’re not the only one that wants him dead,” I stated, causing her to look up at me and deadpan.

“Yes, but unlike others, I don’t lack the balls to get the job done.”

I scrubbed my hands down my face. “It’s too dangerous.”

“Then leave the heavy lifting to those capable of doing it, Darling.”

About the Author Anise Storm is a USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary and Dark Romance. A Southern transplant, Anise is married with children. She has a love of football, shoes, and tall, dark heroes. When not spending time with family or traveling, she can be found either curled up with a good book or writing.

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