Top Ten Tuesday: Book Characters I’d Love to Be Besties With

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Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s topic is: Book Characters I’d Love to Be Besties With

Here are a few I thought of right off the bat:

Mavis from JD Robb’s In Death series… .she seems like a fun person to hang out with. She’s also just honest and sweet and earnest. What’s not to love?

Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables books… I’ve always wanted to be her friend, from the time I was a little girl.

Menolly from The Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey (Pern Universe)… I love music… and firelizards and Menolly’s just an normal girl despite all the things that make her above average at the hall.

Brooklyn Wainwright and Robin Tully in the The Bibliophile Mysteries series… Brooklyn restores old books (I would have loved to learn how to do what she does) and Robin is just cool. I want to hang out with both of them.
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Agnes from “Agnes and the Hitman” by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. She’s loyal to a fault and also just a little nutty. We could be twins, lol.

Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings trilogy because he’s such a genuine man with a good heart.

Meg from “A Wrinkle in Time”. She smart and nerdy and loyal. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being friends with Mrs. Whatsit, too.

Kerrowyn from the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey. She smart and loyal (I sense a theme here), but she’s also snarky and doesn’t take any bull from anyone, not even the heir to the throne.

Cinna from The Hunger Games trilogy. If I say it’s because he’s loyal and kind and smart … would you be surprised?

Who are some book characters you’d like to be besties with?


  1. I definitely agree with Cinna. Definitely a fun character to hang out with.

  2. Cinna is a good pick, he was one of my favourite characters from THG. Great list! 😀

  3. Samwise would be a good friend. I wonder if he’ll make a lot of lists this week?

  4. Samwise Gamgee would make the best of all friends wouldn’t he?

  5. Sam’s like the perfect best friend, isn’t he?

  6. Cinna was one of the best, if not the best, characters from the Hunger Games. The way his story ended broke my heart. 🙁

    • Long and Short Reviews says

      Yes!! Though I loved how they *sort of* brought him back in Mockingjay with her costume design. I was devastated when he died.

  7. OH MY GOSH, CINNA! I’m so disappointed I didn’t think to add him to my list because he’s basically the best, most loyal friend you could have. Catch me getting emotional over his entire character arc now.

  8. Ooh I like the Menolly pick. I’ve only read part of the Pern series but I always wanted to read the Harper ones.

    Cinna’s a good one too!

    • Long and Short Reviews says

      The Pern series was one of my favorites, though I started losing interest when she started writing with her son. The “feel” changed.

  9. Anne is a great one. I’m surprised it hasn’t been on more lists!

  10. Menally is such a wonderful character. I gave my copy of the first book to my sister and after she read it she came to me and said, “I want a fire lizard.” I told her, “I do too.”

  11. I adore Meg so much. I think we’d get along really well.

  12. OOh nice ones! All new to me characters. yes, even The Hunger Games! Lol.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT post!

  13. Mavis! I haven’t read any of the In Death books in a while, and only read the first 8 or so, but I know that’s a great pick. I forgot how much I love Mavis.

  14. Seeing the Hunger Games here reminds me how much I need to read that series. Samwise is a loyal friend and I would love to be considered his friend.

  15. Cinna is such a great choice!!!!! I wish I had think about him poor baby <3

  16. Cinna is a great choice. Love him.

  17. I mean Sam is kind of the ultimate best friend I think.

  18. Oh I love Cinna! I agree with you 100%
    Great post!

  19. I definitely agree with Anne. I think her and Pippi Longstockings and Pollyanna all would be amazing friends together
    Thanks for stopping by The Phantom Paragrapher

  20. I must know more about the BIbliophile mysteries! I loooove the cound of them!

  21. Krystianna says

    Great list! I’d want to be friends with Cinna too. 🙂
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  22. Sam and Meg would make such great friends!

  23. It’s so rare to find a list that includes THG and have Cinna in it! This is just lovely. He definitely deserves some appreciation too because he was really nice, loyal and brave.

  24. I’ve barely read any of these books, but the characters sound great!

  25. Samwise is the best friend anyone can ever have! And I love that you included Cinna, he’d indeed be a great friend.

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