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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Rosemary Morris who is visiting with us to celebrate the recent release of Grace, Lady of Cassio, book two in the The Lovages of Cassio series. Read the first three chapters here.


I am Rosemary Morris an English novelist. I live in Southeast England where I enjoy organic gardening, cooking vegetarian meals and living near my family

For as long as I can remember I have been a bookworm devouring fiction fast as I can. I particularly enjoy historical fiction, sweet historical romance, fantasy fiction, cosy mysteries, and historical non-fiction.

At primary school I made up stories set in times past for my own pleasure. While my husband and I lived in Kenya, I wrote my first novel and met a publisher’s representative, who submitted it. I was almost delirious with joy when I signed the contract. Unfortunately, a date for publication was not included in it. The new editor did not like my book. The publisher held onto the manuscript and did not produce a paper back. Subsequently, although I always had potential novels in my mind, I was too disheartened to continue writing.

Back in England, years passed. Our children left home. My husband encouraged me to write. I completed a writing course with The Open College of the Arts. I began a novel, read books on how to write, joined a writer’s group, and went on two writers’ holidays.

When I finished writing Sunday’s Child, the battle to be published commenced. After dozens of rejections from literary agents and publishing houses, the novel was accepted. This led to two more heart-breaking disappointments. My first publisher declared bankruptcy, the second was inefficient. You can imagine my relief when my present publisher, BooksWelove accepted me as one of her clients. I am now the proud author of fourteen published novels.

My latest novel is Grace, Lady of Cassio set in England in 1331.

What was it like to live at a time when love was not a reason to marry, and husbands had the right to thrash their wives with a rod no wider than their thumbs? Spirited, compassionate, seventeen-year-old Grace is about to find out if her marriage will be made in heaven or hell? Her mother, Countess of Cassio, arranges for her to wed Jocelyn, Lord Lovat, Baron Montford. Grace knows marriage only founded on romantic notions is unacceptable. She agrees to tie the knot with Jocelyn to increase her family’s prestige and political alliances. Nevertheless, she is terrified of sharing a bed with the stranger she will be wed to on the day after they meet for the first time.

I write classic historical fiction in which most the bedroom door is firmly closed so the reader can relish in the details of an emerging love story between two people. If the door is open, there are no graphic descriptions of what occurs between husband and wife.

My novels are based on fact. I have a large library of non-fiction books for meticulous research. Prior to lockdown and self-isolation, I borrowed reference books from libraries, visited museums and other places of historical interest.

Past times interest me. I enjoy finding out about where people lived, their religious beliefs, politics, and economics to create the background. I also like discovering what my characters should wear, eat, socialise.

The heroes and heroines in my novels are not 21st protagonists dressed in costume. They are compatible with the period in which they exist.

My advice to aspiring authors.

Don’t talk about writing in the future, decide on the plot and them, sit down and begin your novel or non-fiction book.

Choose a time to write, however long or short, and stick to it. Join a constructive writer’s group or an online critique group to receive positive feedback on your writing. If it is negative, remember critique does not mean criticism. Join another group. Above all, if your novel is not accepted, come to terms with rejections and pursue your dream of becoming a published author.

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