Yuletide Knights by Johnny Miles

Yuletide Knights by Johnny Miles
Yuletide Knights #1
Publisher: Deep Desires Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Paranormal
Length: Short story (115 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Paperwhite

Inner peace is possible when we surrender to who and what we truly are.

After being arrested for protesting at a rally, activist and political science professor, Michael Cooke, meets police officer Beauregard Isiah Guilford. Beauregard is a walking dream—the type of man that makes Michael swoon. All it takes is a single look, a touch, a kiss, and Michael is a quivering, cowering mess.

There’s only one problem. The butch, gruff and muscular Alpha’s ability to showcase Michael’s submissiveness fills him with shame. Unable to accept his role in the bedroom, no matter how fulfilling it might be, Michael breaks up with Beauregard, only to learn that he can run, but he can’t hide from his own truth… no matter where he is, or how far he runs, Michael isn’t complete unless he’s with the one man who unleashed his inner submissive.
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The two men cannot seem to stay away from each other. Michael must learn, and accept, when it comes to the bedroom, being a sub is nothing to be ashamed of—or risk losing Beau forever. Just when it seems all may be lost, an unexpected visit from Santa—yes, the real Santa—helps them realize magic can be had, but only if they believe.

Really rather cute!

I quite liked this, for a short *holiday* story.

Both Michael and Beau have a say, in the first person. Each change occurs as the chapter changes and is clearly headed, so you always know who is talking.

It doesn’t flow very well, though, and I was tempted to dump it at some points. What kept me going was when Michael was in jail and Santa and the elf turned up. Touched on the paranormal, there, and I liked that. I wanted to see how that would all play out.

It was a given that Michael and Beau would end up back together, what I wanted was the HOW it would come about. And whether Michael’s vision would come about.  And it did turn out rather well, I just found it a rather cute read, for a holiday story.

It is, though, the first of three books I can see, and I would like to read them, given the chance. I would also like to read something else by this author, with more pages and more bite.

3 good solid stars.

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