You Had Me At Wolf by Terry Spear

You Had Me At Wolf by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (384 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

A wolf on a mission needs a partner…even if it’s only for one date…

The hot, powerful Wolff brothers have moved to the outskirts of Silver Town and opened a ski lodge. They’ve always wanted to live in a wolf-controlled area, and now they have their chance. They’re settling in for a quiet winter, when their lives suddenly become way more exciting than they’d ever planned.

Private Investigator and gray wolf shifter Josie Grayson is hot on the trail of a dangerous criminal hiding out at the ski lodge when her partner takes ill and must leave her to pursue the mission alone. Blake Wolff steps in—he can’t resist the allure of this brilliant and focused she-wolf whose presence awakens a long dormant yearning in his heart.

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There’s nothing worse for a crime investigator than having that one job hanging over their past that never saw closure. It would certainly be worse for someone who had damning evidence that could never be admissible in court. A wolf’s nose may know but that isn’t enough when the perp is human. Now the bad guy is dead…or is he?

Nicole Grayson is good at her job and loves owning her own PI firm in Denver. Her success rate at catching people in insurance fraud has landed her a job that may just help bring closure to an early case in her career that never got justice. It also puts her in close contact with family who owns the Timberline Ski Lodge just out side of Silver Town, CO. More specifically, it puts her in close cover with one Blake Wolff.

Blake and his family moved to Colorado to be together and find connections by being part of the Silver Town wolf pack. He never expected the gray wolf who shows up looking to take down a couple of his lodge guests to be the mate his wolf longs for.

Their story is sweet. Blake will do whatever it takes to keep Nicole safe as she investigates the not-so-dead man and his cousin (who benefited from his death) staying on the fourth floor. The men are clever at cover their tracts and then there’s an additional surprise that I didn’t see coming.

The romance between Blake and Nicole heats up towards the end as does the action in the mystery she’s trying to solve. There’s never really any conflict between Blake and Nicole that has to be worked out so I felt a little let down, looking for growth, new discovery, a reason to cheer on their HEA.

They do have a beautiful future ahead of them, surrounded by family and a super supportive pack. I just didn’t feel a whole lot of chemistry between them that I look for in romance in general but especially paranormal. There’s a lot of telling in this book and it was very informative on the dangers of being caught in an avalanche. It was obvious Ms Spears did her homework there.

Still, the story in itself is complete. The bad guys are established early, her reason for being at the lodge is legit and the way she and Blake come together works. All in all, a good addition to the Silver Town saga of books with plenty of new characters to work in to new layers of the series.

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