You Belong To Me by Sam Crescent

You Belong To Me by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After completing his last mission, Quinn Powell leaves the Navy SEALs behind to tackle what just might be his greatest challenge: claiming Kaley Woods. The woman is both his sister’s best friend and Quinn’s ultimate weakness, two things that would send any sane man running in the opposite direction. But he’s not the type to run.

When Kaley hears Quinn is coming home, she wonders if he’ll still affect her in the same way. Now that he’s living in her apartment, she has her answer. Everywhere she turns, he’s there—strong and intent—his effect on her more powerful than ever. She knows he’s returned in search of something. What she doesn’t realize is he’s determined to make her his … in every way possible.

Quinn was ten years older than his sister Dorothy, but it’s her best friend Kaley that he’s always had his eye on. While Quinn had wanted to stake his claim and make Kaley his in every way when she turned eighteen, Dorothy had convinced Quinn to let Kayley enjoy college and have her life for a while. Reluctantly Quinn had waited another six years, but now he needed Kayley to learn and know exactly who she belonged to – and that he was hers in every way.
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This is a steamy and enjoyable quick read. While I admit the plotline is a little cliched and worn to me – older guy is in love with his little sister’s best friend but they’ve both been keeping their distance and waiting for each other – I felt the three main characters were refreshing and individual enough to make this a really fun and entertaining story to me.

Kaley was the typical young and shy book nerd – and I was extremely grateful the author didn’t just turn her from this sweet thing and into a sexy siren in the blink of an eye for no real reason except to steam up the storyline. Kaley was more multi-dimensional than just the usual “bookworm” character and this was really appealing to me. I also really liked the fact that Quinn was trying hard to give Kaley as much time and space as he could, but that there was a limit to how far he was willing to wait.

I was impressed that the author didn’t just have these two do a complete about face – jumping into the sheets and become kinky sex masters without any build up or reason behind it. The pace of Kaley and Quinn coming together was believable and I enjoyed the fact it was well detailed and explained – I felt it was really shown to me, not just told and I needed to accept it as such.

Finally, I was intrigued by some of Quinn’s other Navy SEAL team-mates and would be interested to see if Dorothy and one of them might feature in an upcoming story. I liked that the author left the door open for more stories potentially coming down the track and will be keeping an eye out for them.

Fun, sexy and with interesting characters this was a good short story.

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