Yes, You Are by Willa Okati

Yes, You Are by Willa Okati
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Darian’s as unique an Alpha as Coby is an Omega, but opposites attract twice in Second Chance.
Everyone always assumed small, pretty Darian would be an Omega. He ticked all the boxes — except for the temper and the tendency to cuss a blue streak. But whatever, right? And everyone always assumed big, athletic Coby would be an Alpha. Just stood to reason — as long as you paid no mind to his tender heart. When they met in passing as teenagers, both boys had no reason to doubt that was who they’d be. Everyone said it, after all. But everyone was wrong.

When Darian and Coby meet again in grad school, Darian’s still small and pretty but he’s one hell of a ferocious Alpha — and tall, muscular Coby still struggles with having turned out to be an Omega. The college is short on space due to storm damage, and they’ve got no choice but to share living quarters and come to terms with themselves and their past — and when Coby gets pregnant, their soon-to-be future.

Opposites attract like lightning and steel rods when they meet again in Second Chance, but do they have what it takes to overcome the unexpected for the long haul?

Darian appears to be the perfect Omega, and Coby is like the picture-perfect Alpha – everyone says so and so each man assumes that’s how it is. Only by the time they’re both in grad school neither are sure of anything anymore and when they end up sharing living quarters – and Coby ends up pregnant, they each find they will need all the help they can get in Second Chance.

I really enjoyed this story and found both Darian and Coby’s characters particularly entrancing. While a part of me felt a bit deflated about the Omega/Alpha stereotypes that people constantly expected and the assumptions and discriminations that followed along with that – overall I found this a really hopeful and positive story. Darian was delightfully determined to not let his physical characteristics dictate to his personality or strengths. And while Coby took a little longer to flourish like this, he too had an amazing strength and resilience that I adored.

While the conflict of the stereotypes was an excellent tension in the plot, and I admit the story needed that, it wasn’t always comfortable for me to read it. I was really pleased therefore when Darian and Coby – despite their real and quickly growing attraction to each other – took a little time before becoming physically intimate. I really felt this helped solidify their characters and help establish a far more realistic longer-term relationship between them. One based on friendship, trust and emotional bonds and not just their physical attraction and need for each other.

Readers looking for a sweet – or purely sex-driven romance might find some of the weightier aspects of the plot doesn’t really suit their needs. I found this story to be quite thought provoking and Darian in particular is not a gentle or easy type of character. Personally I really enjoyed this, but I realise it might not be every readers cup of tea. I also absolutely adored Darian’s best friend – Oscar – and am hopeful his story might be shown later in this series.

With two different, but very strong and well fleshed out characters this is a quick and enjoyable story that I really got into. I got easily hooked on Darian and Coby and cheered for them both as they grew together and forged a strong and long-lasting relationship together. With plenty of satisfying sex scenes this was a great read and one I will enjoy again in the future.

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