Working For Mr. Winters by Cameron Allie

Working For Mr. Winters by Cameron Allie
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (70 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

With a job interview looming, Candice is nervous about what her future holds. She’s not sure she’s qualified to work in a brewery, even if the job is as an administrative assistant. Despite her doubts, she decides to give it her best.

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Allan Winters knows he shouldn’t hire Candice. He can’t deny the sexual attraction between them. She might not be the most qualified candidate, but she’s determined to learn and eager to please. Will hiring her be a fatal mistake, or the best decision he’s ever made?

Candice figured that going to a pub to madly cram for her job interview the following day at a brewery was a good idea. But she gets dejected as she realizes there’s simply too much information to push into her head in one evening. Luckily, Allan stops by her table and starts chatting to her. While Candice has no intention of flirting or being sidetracked, when Allan points out he’s helped hire a number of staff and worked many years ago in a brewery she figures that he can certainly help – and be easy on her eyes at the same time. When Allan turns up at the interview the following day, Candice doesn’t know whether to be outraged or humiliated. Can they make a go of things?

I found this to be an interesting but very predictably plotted story. Despite the smooth comfort of being able to guess certain major plot points before they occurred, I still found Candice’s character – and to a lesser extent Allan’s, too – to be interesting and imminently relatable. For me, personally, being able to symapthise with Candice’s struggle to spread her wings and find a new job for herself really was the saving grace of this story for me. The steamy sex helped sway me into enjoying this short story, too.

I was pleased that Allan and Candice didn’t simply jump into bed immediately with each other – it helped make the whole “boss and secretary crossing the ethical business line” thing feel a whole lot more believable and relatable to me. They each tried for quite some time to keep their relationship strictly professional. I was also pleased that while the author made it clear they were keeping things at a business level, much of the time between Candice getting hired and them deepening their relationship was jumped over off-screen. This kept the pace moving along well to my mind and helped not drag out the story too much.

With some interesting chemistry, steamy hot sex and a group of interesting secondary characters, this was a great short story that really delivered. I enjoyed watching Candice and Allan come together and feel plenty of readers will be interested in checking out what I assume are other stories in this series related to the group of Candice’s friends. I thought this was a solid short story.

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