Without Reservations by J.L. Langley

Without Reservations by J.L. Langley
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (268 page)
Other: M/M, Anal play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Sometimes love catches you by the tail.

Native American veterinarian—and werewolf—Chayton Wilson dreams of a fair-haired mate. However, he’s shocked to find his mate is a man. He’s not quite sure what to do with a male mate, but he’s more than willing to find out.
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Keaton Reynolds wakes up in wolf form and finds himself with a mate. He’s instantly attracted, but not thrilled to find out the man is supposedly straight. A past relationship where his partner denied being gay left a bad taste in his mouth. Keaton wants to make a break for it and pretend he never set eyes on Chay—but Chay is not ready to let him go.

Together they work to battle prejudice and solidify their shaky relationship. When a power struggle in Keaton’s pack threatens Keaton’s life, the two men must quickly learn whether they can depend on each other.

Chay is a werewolf who had a dream of a boy with blond hair and blue eyes when he was younger. Growing up, his mum made it clear that his mate would be a girl, and Native American, just like them. Imagine Chay’s surprise when he finds his mate and realizes that girly parts are nowhere to be found! Keaton is a strong werewolf in a small body, and he has one helluva temper! So much so, he walks out on his family when they won’t accept him being gay. When it comes to Chay though, Keaton has met his match.

This is a fantastic story – sweetness and sexy times rolled up together. There is mystery as well, after all, someone is trying to kill Keaton. The best part for me was when Chay realized Keaton was his mate and after he got over the shock of him being a him, decided to make sure Keaton knew how he felt. He wasn’t backing down, no way, no how. These two make such a good pair, and I would love to read more of them!

The pacing of this story was smooth, with no errors that disrupted my reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and the cast of characters, both main and supporting. The mystery part of it kept me guessing until the end, which is always a good thing.

A great story that I thoroughly enjoyed and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending. I would love to continue both with the series and with this author. Brilliant.

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