Winning Over Harmon by Megan Slayer

Winning Over Harmon by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Second chances are possible if you’re willing to give love a chance.

Harmon Keyes wasn’t looking for romance when he visited Roy Mars’ gallery show, but the moment he sees Winston Saint, he’s smitten. He has no idea who Winston is, but the attraction is off the charts. He also isn’t sure if he’ll ever see the man again. Can a trip to Dye Hard Style help get him together with Winston?

Michael Winston Saint knew the second he spotted Harmon that he’d fallen head over heels. He’d never forget the geeky guy who talked too much or that kiss full of electricity and passion. Unfortunately, he has to leave the gallery show before he can give Harmon his number. He returns to Norville for a rest and the chance to connect with his dream man. Winston’s determined to win over Harmon at all costs.

Will the teacher and the rock star be able to make a go of their relationship? Or will the gossip and complication of small-town life be more than they can handle?

Things are never easy when you fall in love with a rock star.

Harmon is a schoolteacher in Norville. As such, he believes he should be above redemption, allowing nothing to mar his reputation. However, when he meets Michael (Winston) he realizes just how lofty that ideal is and, together, they work out just what is realistic whilst still allowing them to have a life together.

As with most of Megan Slayer’s books that I have read, this is very low-angst. Harmon doesn’t even blink at some of the shenanigans that people get up to, to get close to Winston, including some of his old students.

A gentle, easy read with some steamy moments that I can happily recommend.

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