*Wilde Love by Jennifer Ryan

Wilde Love by Jennifer Ryan
Publisher: Avon and Harper Voyager, Avon
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Welcome to the Dark Horse Dive Bar, where the Wildes throw one hell of a party and love could be a barstool away!

When Lyric Wilde’s not whipping up the best food in town at the Dark Horse Dive Bar, she’s making a name for herself as a rising singer-songwriter. And if any of her online followers cross the line from friendly to fanatical, well, Lyric figures it goes with the territory—and she can take care of herself. But there’s one fan she wants to get to know better—a silent, sexy biker named Viper. A man who makes her think mine every time she looks at him. But who exactly is “Viper?”

Undercover FBI special agent Mason Gunn has been hiding in plain sight and alone for far too long. And while he fantasizes about a peaceful life with beautiful Lyric by his side, he knows that until his mission—to take down a murder-for-hire network—is accomplished, his dark world is no place for her. But when frightening encounters and threatening text messages from a stalker bent on keeping Lyric all to himself and his most wanted criminal target his sultry songbird, he will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves…

I enjoyed reading this small town story filled with suspense, intrigue and romance. I also enjoyed all the entertaining characters included in the story. I thought the two main characters, Lyric and Viper were good together and they shared a lot of chemistry.

Lyric and Viper meet under unusual circumstances and slowly fall in love.

There are people who try to interfere in their lives, but in the end, good overcomes evil.

Viper is rough on the outside but inside he is caring and loving. When Lyric meets Viper, she sees something in him that others don’t and she instinctively knows she can trust him. The way Viper treats Lyric melted my heart and I loved that he is willing to do anything to keep her safe.

When Lyric’s simple life is turned upside down, she learns the only one she can depend on is Viper. Viper and Lyric are good together and good for each other, but there are so many things going on around them and so much they have to get through, before they can be together. I was rooting for them the entire time and hoping everything would work out for them.

I enjoyed reading this story.

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