Wicked Secrets by Anne Marsh

Wicked Secrets by Anne Marsh
Publisher: Harlequin Mills And Boon
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

Before Mia Brandt and Tag Johnson rediscovered each other on Discovery Island, they shared a memorable one-night stand. Eight hours of dancing, laughter and red-hot passion before they both shipped out to serve overseas. Tag didn’t think he had any regrets about loving and leaving his strong-willed Master Sergeant, but he’s about to be proved deliciously wrong…

Former military pilot Mia Brandt is on a cruise ship with her cousin as part of a bachelorette party. Only a few months out of service, Mia has plenty on her plate and even in her worst nightmare she hasn’t come up against anything like this bachelorette hell. And then at one of their ports, Mia runs into Navy rescue swimmer Tag Johnson – a one night stand she’s never managed to forget. Events get out of hand and soon Mia find herself left behind on the small island with Tag, and in the space of a few short days their secrets begin to grow out of control.

I found this a delightful romp of a story and easily got sucked into Mia and Tag’s chemistry. I particularly loved how they each were very much the take charge type of character and yet they never let it interfere too much with their chemistry or trust. Both of them were used to giving and receiving orders, and in so many ways Mia and Tag were evenly matched I found it a real pleasure to read about them working out how to come together as a team and find the common ground between them.

I found the whole story quite refreshing and modern, and I particularly enjoyed how it didn’t slot into one of the usual romance novel tropes or genres. Mia had some flashbacks from her service – which I found so refreshing and realistic – and Tag initially wasn’t ready to settle down but slowly came to the realization that he wanted the fake engagement between himself and Mia to become the real deal. It was wonderful and I just couldn’t put this book down once it got going.

Fresh and different I thoroughly enjoyed this spicy romance story and I know I’ll enjoy re-reading it again sometime soon.

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