Weekends With Sexy by Treva Harte

Weekends With Sexy by Treva Harte
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Stars
Review by Fern

Sexy is cute. Sexy has ‘tude. What Sexy doesn’t have is his comfortable home and his well trained human servants to care for him. He’s completely unimpressed with the fancy condo and his caretaker Sandy.

Good thing Sexy knows just the guy to help straighten out this mess – Kirk. Maybe Sexy can show the grumpy Kirk that stargazing is better with a partner. Can the crazy dachshund bring these two humans together?

Sandy is trying to take care of a failed-foster dachshund, Sexy. In way over her head, her cousin recommends Sandy consult with Kirk, who lives in a remote cabin in the woods and takes care of rescue dogs. Can Sexy keep them both in line, or will they all let their insecurities ruin something special?

I found this a fast paced and fun read. I personally felt that Sandy and Kirk jumped into bed a little quickly – but for the short length of the story I could understand that neither could really drag their feet too long. Readers who like a slower build up or longer drop from interest into intimacy might find this was a little too quick for their specific tastes. That said, the connection and chemistry between Sandy and Kirk was quite intense and I found it mostly believable, especially with Sexy the Dachshund to help grease the wheels between them.

I was pretty pleased that the pace of the relationship between Sandy and Kirk slowed a little once they were intimate, I found it really helpful to see them doing more emotionally based, “relationship” types of things like spending regular time together and getting to know each other. This really helped sell me on their long term compatibility and helped me see them better both as characters and as a team working together. While the order of Kirk and Sandy’s relationship was a little muddled for my liking, I really ended up caring deeply for them both – and Sexy – and being heavily invested in their long term compatibility.

Readers looking for a fun, sexy and quick paced story should find this is a lovely and short read.

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