Warning: Size Queen by Laelia West

Warning: Size Queen by Laelia West
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Ezra Kaneshiro likes a challenge—he’s a pre-med student aiming to be a doctor in war-torn countries, after all. Maybe that’s why his roommate intrigues him. All this time, Malik has given off “repressed gay” vibes, yet now he seems genuinely happy with his fiery new girlfriend. But if that’s the case, why does he get awkward when Ezra undresses, and why did he stare back for so long when Ezra caught him in a compromising position?

Positive there’s more to his roommate, Ezra begins to prod. A drinking game brings Malik to the precipice, but it’s not enough. Not quite. When Malik spills that he and Portia aren’t exactly monogamous, Ezra makes his move.

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Ezra had accidently walked in on his roommate getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. While the accident had completely shocked both men, Ezra couldn’t help but recall Malik had held his gaze for a few seconds longer than any straight man he knew. Ezra had so many questions about Malik and the sexual tension that thrummed between them, so during a drinking game just between the two of them he finally asks Malik and the answer that he was in completely open relationship both surprised and enticed Ezra. Can something come from the incredible tension between all three of them?

I found this to be an interesting and complex story that I really enjoyed. Through more than the first half of the story it was quite clear that Ezra and Malik were attracted to each other, and that Malik and his girlfriend Portia cared about each other but weren’t interested in being exclusive. And while I didn’t really get sold on there being the potential for anything long-term between Ezra and Portia there was clearly some chemistry and romantic tension between them as well. The complexities of these relationships and the way they were evolving was gripping and I was pleased the author kept the story revolved strongly around this. There was ample tension as well between Malik/Ezra as a “will they won’t they” sexual chemistry and I felt it worked really well and was unique enough I eagerly continued to turn the pages waiting to see what happened next.

There is only the one sex scene between the two men and while the quantity might not suit all erotica readers I feel the constantly sizzling chemistry makes up for a lot of that lack. And when Malik and Ezra finally do hit the sheets – man oh man it is well, well worth the wait. Smoking hot and extremely satisfying.

I thought this story was excellent in how realistic it was and also how modern I could see it being. This isn’t a cliched or stereotypical style of story and I found that so refreshing. While sure, I was lost a few times and I wondered a lot if this would become a M/M/F style of menage (it flirts closely with that – but ultimately doesn’t fulfil that in this story) this really is just a story about three people who are linked in various complicated ways trying to all sort out an equilibrium where they can all be happy and have their needs met. For that – and for the excellent writing unwinding all those complications, this is an excellent story.

Different and fresh, readers looking for a story somewhat outside the box should find this happy and satisfying. I enjoyed the slower pace and while I don’t feel this will be hot or explicit enough for all erotica readers I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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