Virgin Next Door by Sam Crescent

Virgin Next Door by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Ann Adams has a new little friend, her neighbor’s daughter. They spend a great deal of time together, and it’s not like Eli’s difficult to get along with. Of course, he’s one of the most eligible bachelors in town. A wealthy, sexy single dad who can have his pick of women.

Only, Eli has his eyes set on one woman. When Ann lets it slip that she’s still a virgin, he takes a chance. He wants her and will do whatever it takes to show her a good time—no commitments.

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They can’t deny what brought them together, but can he trust that his love for her will keep them together?

When Ann had moved into her new home, so too had her neighbor, Eli and his young daughter, Katie. Ann enjoys spending time with Katie and while Eli can be stand off-ish Ann can clearly tell he’s been hurt in the past and only wants to protect Katie. When the chemistry gets to be too much for Ann and Eli to ignore, can they make things work?

I enjoyed this hotly written, explicit erotic romance. While there is quite an age difference between Ann and Eli – almost twenty years – Ann is not some shrinking violet in need of protection and at no point did I feel Eli’s character wanted to take advantage of her. I was pleased the author took the building of the relationship between Ann and Eli slowly. While they both were at different points in their life the sexual chemistry and attraction between them was clear to see. I was pleased though that the author had the more emotional and realistic elements deepen as the story progressed. With a five year old daughter Eli had plenty of responsibilities outside of his own feelings, and Ann was careful in not wanting to over-step the boundaries of what Eli was comfortable with at any given time. I felt this added a lot of complexity and realistic elements into the story and made it a lot richer and more relatable.

While the conflict aspects of the story were fairly predictable – other man-hungry single mothers and a few financial blips – I was pleased that there were some problems and easily relatable issues that both Ann and Eli needed to work with and come to terms with. I was also particularly pleased that Katie was never part of any disagreements between the two adults. Both Eli and Ann had nothing but love for Katie and only wanted the very best for her.

With plenty of steamy sex and an enjoyable and understandable plot this was a great read and one I enjoyed.

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