Violent Ends by Sam Crescent

Violent Ends by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (135 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Gideon Denton has a secret: he found his woman. Life as a Denton is never easy, and it certainly doesn’t help being in love with a woman who doesn’t love you back. That’s the legacy they have to live with.

Emma Colton doesn’t want to be near the Dentons. Instead she wants a clean start, away from violence, away from her past.

But when tragedy strikes the Denton household, Emma has to come to terms with her reality. She can’t leave, and Gideon has just admitted she’s his woman
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After Gideon threatens his father and has to be punished for it, Emma comes between them. She will not let anyone hurt him. However, challenging Maddox Denton carries severe consequences. With the risk of death on her shoulders, she has no choice but to marry Gideon in order to save the both of them.

Secrets start to unravel, all manner of violence shining though. The Dentons don’t have a choice but to take out one of their own. Who will do the deed? Who will risk death to save the others?

It’s another fight, but this one is to the end.

Emma Colton had never experienced freedom before. Having grown up under the thumb of her temperamental father and knowing her life wasn’t her own, it had taken a while after her father’s death to fully realise the freedom she craved was at her fingertips. She’s determined to get out of the city and live her own life on her own terms. Gideon had known Emma was his from the moment he saw her, but with both of their lives in complete disarray, he’d not wanted to spring anything on her. Having waited for things to settle down, Gideon is now determined to take what’s his – if only it isn’t too late.

Having not read any of the previous stories in this series I was a little cautious. I was pleased, therefore, when I caught on to Emma and Gideon’s story fairly quickly and found my interest piqued by their strange world and the rules they all appear to follow. Mafia-style stories are new to me, and the author does a good job in my opinion of laying out the rules and differences these characters experience through their lives. While there is some violence, I was also glad there was nothing too graphic or over-the top. I usually don’t enjoy gore or serious violence in my romance stories and in that respect this one delivered – there was the hint and threat of violence, for sure, but nothing overt or gory so that made me happy.

Despite the fact Gideon knows Emma is his one and only – and his love and attraction for her is incredibly deep, I enjoyed how he tried to be patient and allow Emma to get on board with him. Their chemistry is there, though Emma admittedly takes a while to really fall for Gideon, and this helped keep the tension and sexiness in the story before the actual intimacy begins. I also found the plot to be interesting and layered. Maddox – the head of the family – had plans and watching those machinations click over was different and intriguing to me. I found this to be a well rounded book – with a good, solid plot, interesting characters and some smoking hot sex.

Readers looking to dip a toe into a Mafia-style story should find this one interesting, with what I found to be a good plot, a number of layered characters and plenty of steamy sex.

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