Valentine’s Ghost by Alice Gaines

Valentine’s Ghost by Alice Gaines
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Holiday, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (31 pages)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 5 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

Phyllis Green has decided her vibrator is better than men. Or so she thinks, until a little old lady named Agnes appears on a milk carton in Phyllis’s fridge on Valentine’s Eve.

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Nobody should sleep alone on Valentine’s Day.

The premise grabbed my attention immediately. It included so many creative nods to other genres and writing styles that I couldn’t wait to see what the author would come up with next. She really outdid herself with all of her references. Honestly, the blurb didn’t even begin to describe some of the clever things she came up with. This was definitely one of those times when the blurb and the premise underpromised what they had to offer only to astound me with all of the delightful tricks they had up their sleeves.

I loved this book’s sense of humor. There were several scenes that made me chuckle, and many more that pasted a smile on my lips. By far the best scenes were the ones that involved Phyllis’ fairy ghostmother and her raunchy expectations for what Phyllis would do on past, present, and future Valentine’s Days. She was quite funny! I’d sure like to read more about this or any other fairy ghostmother if Ms. Gaines ever decides to write about them again.

All three of the sex scenes in this story were steamy and well written. Phyllis had excellent chemistry with all of her partners. While I immediately knew which one I hoped she’d end up with longterm, it was still a great deal of fun to see her try them all out and see who was most compatible with her. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but being compatible in this area sure is important.

I can’t recommend Valentine’s Ghost highly enough!

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