Unlikely Harmony by Lily Michaels

Unlikely Harmony by Lily Michaels
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

In the middle of his darkest moment, Sebastian finds an unexpected light.

Since his immense gift was first discovered, Sebastian Chevalier has led a life of blissful indulgence—crisscrossing the globe to perform to thousands of adoring fans and garnering international attention for putting a modern face on opera—that is until a vocal cord injury steals Sebastian’s most prized possession.
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While he rehabilitates, he turns his focus to composing an opera and hires Jasper Lorde to join as his accompanist to help turn his written music into a living creation. Although Jasper is the polar opposite of everything he is normally attracted to, Sebastian finds himself with an overwhelming desire for the man and as he slowly regains his ability to speak, the two men explore the passion building between them.

Once the opera is complete and Sebastian has been cleared to sing, he books a debut at the prestigious LA Opera House. But this decision releases a Pandora’s box of demons for Jasper that threatens their tentative connection.

The world is at Sebastian’s feet when it all comes crashing down. Just how well do you communicate without a voice?

This was a warm and fuzzy novella with some steamy moments. Not too much is mentioned about the BDSM world in detail, more of a light brushstroke. In fact, not too much is mentioned in detail at all, which usually drives me insane, but it worked here. It really did. Instead of too much bumpf about background detail, I was able to focus on Sebastian and Jasper to my heart’s content. Yes, they both have issues, and yes, maybe I would have liked more information because that’s just what I’m like, but YES, this novella worked and gave me a good, all-round story that brought a big smile to my face.

Although this is classed as book three, I was able to read it without any problems. This is a feel-good steamy romance I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending, and am so thankful I have read it.

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