Unknown Desires by Jax L. Kramer

Unknown Desires by Jax L. Kramer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (102 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Spanking, Toys
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

The instant attraction Michael feels toward his new Dominant, Mr. Johns only grows stronger each day. Spending time together in the dungeon is always a fun, unique, and unpredictable experience. Only Mr. Johns can take him to places he’s never known existed. The pleasures of pain and the highs of sub-space were once unimaginable, but now Mr. Johns truly owns him body and soul.

For Michael the most startling emotion is the fear he feels when he’s earned a punishment. Although punishment is meant to be feared, Michael is more afraid of being dismissed. He’s certain each mistake is a step closer to being sent away. No punishment could ever hurt as much as Mr. Johns giving up on him.
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Is it possible for Mr. Johns to have any real feelings for Michael, or is has Michael set himself up to be hurt worse than ever before?

Michael was certain he wanted to be a full-time submissive in a committed relationship. When he’s taken in by Mr. Johns there is a lot to learn in a very short time-frame. Each of them willingly go into a contract together, but what happens when their willingness deepens to stronger emotions and they each want more?

I found this to be an interesting and quite deeply plotted BDSM story. I was intrigued – but surprised – when early on in the story as Michael and Mr. Johns went into the complexities of their contract together the details were listed and included. I’ve read a number of BDSM stories and while quite a few of them include contracts. I personally found it unusual – though insightful – for the terms and conditions to actually be presented to the reader could follow along precisely instead of having it alluded to or described vaguely. The sex is hot and fairly kinky. Michael and Mr. Johns are both clearly excited by each other and interested – but I certainly felt this story erred more on the side of erotic – rather than romance. The two men have feelings for each other and care about each other, but for quite some time into the story they are working out the boundaries and their feelings for each other – so I didn’t feel this was a strongly romance story, not in the more usual sense.

While it’s made crystal clear that Michael is willingly entering the relationship, at time I felt – particularly in the beginning – that Michael was merely going along with some things simply to not cause waves or problems. He wanted the relationship and was attracted and curious by Mr. Johns, but there was a lot of official stuff (ie contracts, rules, paperwork etc) sorted out right at the very beginning and while I never once felt Michael wanted to back out or change his mind, I did feel a flutter of worry a time or two that Michael had questions or hadn’t completely assimilated everything that was happening. And it all did occur very fast. Mr. Johns multiple times checked that Michael was on board – this was not a feeling or belief that as Dominant Mr. Johns was taking advantage or pushing Michael too far too fast, but I did think in a few places maybe Michael wasn’t as certain as he thought he was. I felt this added a good bit of tension into the plot and story itself, but it made me nervous at the same time. I’m not certain all readers will enjoy the speed with which Michael and Mr. Johns get together and solidify their contract together.

This story seemed extremely realistic to me – almost like a sneak-peek at what a real-life, contracted life as a submissive in a formal BDSM relationship would be like. While there is certainly tenderness and strong emotions between Michael and Mr. Johns this wasn’t what I could consider a traditional romance story in that many of the minute details of a BDSM relationship were carefully gone over and explained in detail.

An interesting and, for me, an eye-opening insight into a more formalized, contracted BDSM relationship, this is a great story and one I feel will appeal to many readers interested in the BDSM lifestyle.

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