Twelve Secrets of Christmas by Amelia Foster

Twelve Secrets of Christmas by Amelia Foster
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Holiday
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

A workplace connection gets murky when the heir to the company is involved.

Leah Carson’s four-year relationship exploded on New Year’s Day and soured her toward all holiday-related activities. She no longer excessively decorated her home and office for Christmas, choosing the grinchy path instead. Working for a media outlet forces her into some semblance of holiday cheer, especially when the up-and-coming channel sets its sights on making a mark with a New Year’ s Eve special to rival all the standard offerings—something thrown into question when the host of the broadcast is put in jail, and Leah and her team are scrambling to fill the slot.

Brendan Lanza is heir to the throne of Lanza Broadcasting, but he has to earn his seat by learning every department within the company at his father’s orders. His term with the marketing team offers the unexpected bonus of getting to know Leah better. The respect his father holds for the woman becomes an understatement once Brendan sees how her clever brain easily handles issues, something only rivaled by the temptations her body creates in him.

But her less-than-festive spirit and the threat of losing their highly anticipated special lead Brendan to appoint himself as her Secret Santa, sending twelve anonymous gifts to Leah. Their office flirtation ramps up as Leah begins to receive presents from a secret admirer, creating a bit of conflict as she believes that she is torn between two men, and Brendan is left to decide if he’s betraying their blossoming bond by withholding the truth behind the packages she finds on her doorstep each night.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or is it?

Leah received a crockpot instead of an engagement ring and, one week later, her 4-year relationship disintegrated too. Taking her broken heart to the extremes, Leah decided to take the Grinch path and refused to have anything to do with Christmas again. I did say it was an extreme reaction!

Brendan is the boss’ son, learning the ropes in every department. He loves Leah’s mind (as he frequently tells her once they get together) as well as her curves. His plan to restore her Christmas spirit is to send her Secret Santa gifts. Will he fess up once they get together though?

This was a fast-paced story with plenty of steamy scenes to keep you reading. I found this to be an enjoyable read so long as I suspended belief over Leah’s reactions, which I thought slightly incredulous! Still, it was a fun read that kept my attention from beginning to end.

The part about them both having conflict with the secret Santa presents wasn’t really conflict, in my opinion. I thought it all tied in nicely at the end.

A steamy seasonal read that I can recommend.

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