Tweed Me by LM Kennedy

Tweed Me by LM Kennedy
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Kendra Richmond hates musicians and when Denver Colorado’s home town rock star, Tyler Dyne, friends her back on Twitter, she’s skeptical to believe he’s more than a cocky front man. Talked into meeting him for a coffee, under the guise of helping with a charity show, Kendra ends up driving him to a family emergency and finds herself drawn into his private world of heartache and loss.

Having grown up in a home with an absent artist father, Kendra wants nothing to do with Tyler’s fast paced life nor his flirtatious conversations and pushes him away. Tyler won’t take no for an answer, however, and vies for her affections by opening his heart, revealing he is more than a bad boy in need of taming. When Kendra discovers he’s the recipient of a kidney transplant, with no family to ground him, she can’t deny the feelings she’s developed and the desire to be close to him.

Tweed was the biggest trending band around and the buzz surrounding them is enormous. With cheap tickets and catchy promo – like only physical ticket sales and one ticket able to be purchased per person – the hype is real. Kendra had heard of the band but wasn’t one to usually follow a trend, so she’s a little taken aback when her two room-mates and best friends are serious when they suggest the three of them camp out overnight for a ticket to the concert. Kendra has zero interest in Tyler – the lead rock star of the band – but life often has a way of turning things around.

I found this to be a fun and fast paced rock star style of story. While I strongly suggest readers crack open this story with a disconnected brain and a loose hold on reality or logic – it is absolutely a fun and happy style of story to embrace and fall into. I thought Kendra and her two friends were modern and relatable, Tyler’s character was personable and friendly, but still a mysterious and super sexy rock star hero – so this story absolutely has all the critical elements of an enjoyable and delicious read.

Readers looking for an intensely erotic story won’t find that here – while there is a good amount of chemistry and sizzle between Tyler and Kendra they don’t really become physically intimate on screen until the very end of the story story. Also, much of the plot surrounds the blossoming romance between Tyler and Kendra, this isn’t a complicated or convoluted style of story. I do think the pace keeps the reader engaged and happy to roll along with the romantic developments between Tyler and Kendra. I admit readers looking for a plot heavy or conflict-intense style of story might be left disappointed readers looking for a happy, sexy and fast story should find this suits their needs.

For a fresh, younger style of rock-star falls for the girl next door sort of story this is a good and fun example of the trope and a quick and enjoyable read.

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