Torpedo by Marteeka Karland

Torpedo by Marteeka Karland
Bones MC 7
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Ambrosia — When I went to the penthouse, I was expecting a playboy. I wasn’t even surprised when the playboy in question answered the door stark naked. The gun surprised me, but, hey. I just roll with it because it’s a job. Given my present circumstances, work is hard to come by. My crazy ex, Tyler, got put in prison, and his equally crazy father, Richmond, decided it was my fault. He’s managed to get me fired from every job and kicked out of every apartment I’ve landed since. What I need is a hero. Unfortunately, those are in short supply. Until I catch the attention of a crazy, naked man wielding a gun. Sensing a theme here?

Torpedo — After more than a month on the roof of the world, I’m ready for some sunshine. The last thing I need or expect is another woman vying for my attention. The cute little thing who has the job of being my personal butler while I’m on vacation changes all that. She’s professional and courteous, never coming on to me like most women do. Lord knows I gave her reason to, answering the door naked as the day I was born. She runs fast enough when I inform her I was in the middle of a self-pleasuring session, though. Can you see my smirk? Unfortunately, she doesn’t need a naked man in her life. She needs a hero. One to slay her demons. Fortunately for her, that man is me.

I’m glad I chose this story based on the blurb and plot and not the book cover. What’s within was well worth reading and it does reinforce that communication and maturity are definite pluses when it comes to a successful relationship.
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The basic premise is of a young woman who stands up for herself, is willing to accept the fallout and muddle through life somehow with plans to stay one step ahead of her ex’s father, who has it in for her. The author presented the heroine as someone who isn’t afraid of hard work, has a good head on her shoulders (icky ex-fiancé aside), and in spite of all of it, remains sort of innocent in many ways. I liked Rose, a/k/a Ambrosia.

The hero, Gavin, a/k/a Torpedo, sure knows how to make a good first impression. I think that’s the part of the blurb that made me grin and I simply had to find out the backstory of such a choice. The author gives me enough background for me to understand why Torpedo is the man he is; rough, confident and although coarse, cleans up rather well. I like a hero that makes an effort to show himself in a good light without compromising who he is. The fact that he can be both sides of a coin is realistic to me. No one is all bad-boy or all snooty goody two shoes – the hero is sort of in the middle, tough but with manners and an aptitude to fit into any crowd on either end. Torpedo is much more interesting because he’s on that darker side. Sometimes, you need a hero with a few dents and rust on his armor and he fits Rose’s situation and needs perfectly.

The only thing about this story that I wasn’t keen on was some of the language. It’s not over the top by any means, but I would have been happier with more F words and less, or no, G words. But, it is an MC romance, so probably expected.

The author doesn’t spend much time on angst about the age difference for which I was grateful. Rose received the benefits of a man who knows how to appreciate a woman, realizes that communication defuses assumptions, fears and prevents misinterpretations, and has the patience and maturity to work through things without being selfish. I think that’s the part I liked about Torpedo; he wasn’t selfish. Well not totally. By that I mean, yes, he wanted Rose and he wanted sexual completion, but he made darned good and sure that the heroine was ready for him, in all ways. That’s where the eroticism plays out most effectively. Torpedo made sure that it was her choice and he wasn’t going to force the issue. Basically, he respected her, and gave her all the sensual tension she could handle plus more. That’s why this story worked for me.

A little bit of drama spiced up the plot and again, showed a reader just how ready, willing, and very able Torpedo and his MC family are to defend Rose. It was a tad brutal, but the author included just enough to get the point across. No one messes with Rose. Ever.

Even though this was a novella length, the author included every element I look for in order to make this a worthy read. I really enjoyed it and I have no doubts that Torpedo and Rose are perfect for each other.

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