The Tattered Bride by Peri Elizabeth Scott

The Tattered Bride by Peri Elizabeth Scott
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (97 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Victoria Sparrow’s childhood traumas are deep-seated. Her father still rejects her as not being worthy, and her romantic relationships flounder as a result—until Logan Doherty. He gives her reason to believe in goodness and true love, and she commits her heart and soul to him.

No longer prey to her damaged, young self, Victoria eagerly looks forward to their upcoming marriage—until she meets Logan at the altar. He informs her the wedding is off before their assembled friends and family, and will not tell her why.

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Meanwhile, Logan is working equally hard to deal with the secretive events that led to that cruel rejection, and then he plans to make it up to his tattered bride…if she will forgive him.

The Tattered Bride, a short attention-grabbing and attention-keeping story, has the heart racing at breakneck speed in the prologue: then has it breaking in chapter One.

Victoria Sparrow had her self-worth shattered to smithereens by her father’s action and words years ago and has never recovered, not even with therapy, ofwith the love of her family and friends. Not even a successful career has filled the void inside her. She’d built a tall, strong wall around her heart for protection, but Logan Doherty found a way in. She loved him with a forever love, but an outside force creates a wreck of it all.

Logan Doherty worships her, but for the greater good, he betrays her trust and breaks his heart as well as hers. Determined to set things right, he puts a plan in motion to defeat the antagonist who caused the misery. However, Victoria shuts him out completely and seeks solace in her work. Both are miserable and hurting.

The secondary characters are in and out of the story in short spurts, but are people who give love and support, yet are unable to fix Victoria’s inner problem regardless of how much they want to help her realize how worthy she is of love.

Peri Elizabeth Scott does an amazing job of pulling the reader into Victoria’s inner conflict. She also writes love scenes that heat up the pages and keeps tension high enough to make this short read a real page-turner.

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