The Runner by Thom Collins

The Runner by Thom Collins
Success, book 3
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

An Olympic hero faces his longest run – to make up for the past.

Alex Schaefer is a sports journalist and commentator at the top of his game. He hosts a successful weekly podcast has just written the biography of a world class football player. With his career on an upward trajectory, Alex has never been busier. There is no time in his life for love or romance.

Ethan Bower was used to success. As a British sprinter, he won a host of silver and gold medals at the Olympics, European and Commonwealth championships, and spent over a decade at the top. Persistent injuries brought Ethan’s career to an abrupt halt in his mid-thirties. Now he has to start over again. Trying to get his foot in the door of athletics commentary and presenting isn’t easy.

Ethan and Alex have history. Eight years ago, at the height of Ethan’s success, Alex was chosen to ghost write his autobiography. An experience they would both rather forget. Ethan hated what Alex wrote about him; a fact he’s made very public. When Ethan attends the launch of Alex’s latest book, they meet again for the first time in years and something becomes apparent to both of them – they have each improved with age. Now in their thirties, they are older and more mature.

Can they put the past behind them and their ambitions for the future to take a chance on each other now?

Enemies to lovers…what can be better?

I knew when I picked up this book that it would sizzle, but it’d also have a certain polish to it. I’ve read other books by Thom Collins and have loved them. This one was no different. The characters were engaging and the story really shined. I didn’t want to put it down.

I loved how the author made this about running, but not overpoweringly so. Alex and Ethan have history. They’ve got some not so fun history that they have to deal with. I liked how the author made that enemy chemistry become something more. The author let the characters find their way to their eventual HEA. I loved it.

Alex has misconceptions about Ethan and Ethan isn’t fond of Alex. It’s a well-worn trope, but it was written well and with the added heat, it’s a great read. I hope you try this book, too. I’m heading out to find the others in the Success series.


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