The Ruins by Torri Heat

The Ruins by Torri Heat
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Joelle’s a mess. Nightmares about the end of the world keep her up at night, and lack of sleep has her losing job after job.

The only consistency to these dreams is the man she calls “The Watcher.” After another night of frustration, The Watcher arrives at her door, in the flesh. Luc, a demon Mare, is the source of all her problems.

Could he also be her salvation?

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I found this to be an interesting and fresh paranormal story. While the romance and blossoming lust between Luc and Joelle felt a little fast for me personally, this disappointment was more than made up for with the plotline itself which I found to be refreshingly different and full of good imagination. Luc is known as a Mare – a sub-set of demon who sends and controls nightmares. I found this and the plotline surrounding Joelle and her long-standing nightmares of the world literally burning around her and herself unable to help anyone really different and interesting.

I feel readers who enjoy paranormal-based stories, especially erotic and explicit ones, should find this a lovely breath of fresh air. While I felt the relationship growing between Joelle and Luc started out a little predictably around the half-way mark of the story there was a lovely twist which I feel really helped pick up the pace of the story – and Luc and Joelle’s relationship in particular.

There were quite a few balls up in the air plot-wise for the author to juggle and a part of me felt with the short length of the story and the different plots winding together this detracted time and space for the romance between Luc and Joelle. I also was a little conflicted in that Luc walked a pretty fine line between being a bad-boy or anti-hero style of character, and being something not actually really a hero at all. I found his feelings and attachment to Joelle believable, but when we discover some of the stuff he’s done in the past I had trouble with balancing his real nature as a demon and his actions in not caring about taking advantage and seriously mentally damaging vulnerable strangers. While I feel it’s crazy to expect a demon to be full of glitter and rainbows, I’m also not sure I’m comfortable reading about our “hero” victimizing strangers who aren’t able to defend or protect themselves. It was hard for me to push that aside and try to see Luc as a hero after that.

The second half of the story moved at a lovely fast pace – the plot and the romance really amped up and I feel if readers stick with the story until this stage they should definitely find both the plot and the relationship growing between Luc and Joelle really satisfying.

A little bit darker and edgier than the usual erotic romance stories I read, with a vivid paranormal world and some really refreshingly different aspects to the plot, this is a good story in a number of ways with a few flaws as well. I feel lots of readers should really enjoy it and particularly those looking for a fresh take on demon-based romance stories.

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