The Playlist by Jessica Stanley

The Playlist by Jessica Stanley
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (168 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Addilyn wakes from a coma, after being in a horrific car accident, unable to recognize her own family, or the man she’s been In love with since she was five years old.

As her memories slowly return, it becomes harder and harder for her to deal with Jax, who is finding it impossible to understand how she can’t remember him.

Why won’t her mind recognize Jax? Why is his memory so blurred, and what happens when he leaves? Will Addilyn lose Jax for good, before she finds out what he really means to her?

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The story starts with the sad scene of a young woman waking up in a hospital with no memories of the crying parents or fiancé who watch her. Emotions are running high. Readers get to view the amnesia through the victim’s eyes. Addilyn can see that the people in her hospital room love her, but this makes her uncomfortable because she no longer knows them. For readers, seeing their reactions and seeing Addilyn’s struggles creates a great sense of sympathy. This is an emotional story about relationships.

Love is tested. Patience is required—a boatload of it. Though we see the story from Addilyn’s point of view, we can feel the pain of the other characters as they suffer in their own way. She has to remember one person at a time for health reasons, and it’s heartbreaking to see the reactions of the one who isn’t her very first choice. A reader is likely to feel the tender emotions of Addilyn and Jax as they go through their ordeal. Jax is a completely likeable guy whom we can’t help but to feel for.

Suspense is created when readers wonder why Addilyn is having particular trouble remembering the love of her life. Is something weird going on? Her instinct tells her she needs to be with him, but are their problems insurmountable? It’s time to get creative.

As her memories slowly return, Addilyn is surprised more than once. She and her family have tear-jerking ups and downs. It’s a frustrating process filled with high emotions. There is great doubt about whether or not they can work through this desperate situation.

Jax has to leave to go on a European tour with his band, but Addilyn isn’t ready to accompany him yet, trying desperately to remember him and failing. Women scream for him as this dreamy singer gets on the plane while the love of his life watches helpless. What will these two do? Is there hope for them?

This is a tender story sure to win a reader’s heart. With a theme of music wrapping itself around the plot, creative possibilities come to the fore. This is a tale of love, recommended.

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