The One I Want by Megan Slayer

The One I Want by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (96 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Who knew love could be found at the dog park?

Cameron Johnson wants to fall in love. He’d also like the man he’s interested in to like dogs, too. Why? He considers his black Lab, Winston, to be family. If the dog and the guy don’t get along, the deal is off. Except there’s one man who’s caught Cameron’s attention…and he’s got a Collie.
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Josh McDowell didn’t start visiting the dog park to find a date. He wanted to exercise his Collie, Dolly. His dog, though, has other ideas. Once she meets Winston, she’s smitten. His owner is rather easy on the eyes, too. Josh gathers his nerve and makes the first move. Cameron is his kind of man—sweet, quiet, smart and a dog person. Their connection is strong, but with Josh’s insecurities and Cameron’s fear of commitment, will it last?

You don’t expect to meet the best thing to happen to you at a dog park. That is what happens to Cameron and Josh, both men who are devoted to their dogs and have been eyeing each other for several months. Nothing may have happened if their dogs, Dolly the collie, and Winston, the black Lab, hadn’t fallen in love with each other and brought their owners closer. Josh gathers his courage and takes Cameron on a date. The sparks between them are hot and fast.

This was a sweet and well-done romance novel. I love the characters and how well developed they are, and their interactions with their dogs is such a major part of the book. If you don’t love their dog, you can’t be with them. It seems like they are made for each other. I enjoyed the intimacy between them, it’s well done hot and sweet at the same time.

There are issues in the relationship just as any other. I did not like the character of Lance, who was Cameron’s ex-boyfriend. The author does a good job of depicting a man who thinks everyone should love him. He knows how to play on Josh’s personal demons.

I like how the author makes each person have some sort of quirk, like Josh is not appreciated at work. He is a tech geek and he worries constantly that this will drive Cameron from him. The author shows how each one will stand up for the other. One of my favorite scenes is when they are at a ball that Josh’s company is hosting and Cameron stands up for him when he is getting flack from other employees. This does make their relationship stronger, it shows them that they can make it through anything, as long as they talk together.

If you love dogs as much as I do, enjoy seeing two men find a special romance, and the baddies getting what they deserve this is a book for you. It was sweet, hot, and perfectly balanced. A great read for a cold winter night.

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