The Nosy Neighbor by Fern Michaels

The Nosy Neighbor by Fern Michaels
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Lucy Baker decided it was time to walk away from her high-flying legal career after she successfully defended yet another heinous criminal. Now, almost a year after her life-changing decision, Lucy has never been happier. Leaving New York City for the suburbs, tending to her garden and her dog, Lucy is making future plans with her fiancé and getting acquainted with her neighbors, including the handsome, exasperating one next door, Wylie Wilson.

But one day, everything changes. When FBI special agents confront Lucy with shocking revelations about her fiancé’s secret double life, everything about her husband-to-be is cast in suspicion. Recovering from a freak accident that has left her with a heightened sense of intuition, and getting closer than she ever dreamed to Wylie, Lucy must determine who to trust—and fast, before someone breaks down her defenses and targets her…

Wow, was this a nail-biter! The Nosy Neighbor is a great read, a wonderful romance and a thrilling suspense along with the comic relief of a trio of adorable, lovable dogs to make a reader feel totally engaged. Any characters who love a dog so much they’d make meatloaf all the time specifically for the pup because of dietary needs, you know they’re good people.
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People who are not good are those who believe the only good dog is a dead dog – and that’s why the villain of the piece was such a perfect villain. He didn’t like dogs. Okay, he did a lot of other bad stuff that made him a perfect bad buy, but when compared to how much Wylie loved Clueless Cooper? The bad guy deserved everything he had coming to him … eventually. Before that could happen, a whole bunch of good storytelling, excitement, entertainment and the growing of wonderful friendships and relationships plus a romance between Wylie and Lucy kept me glued to the pages as the story unfolded. Ms. Michaels truly has an amazing talent because she crafted a thrilling romance story that gripped me from the moment those FBI agents approached Lucy and turned her well ordered world upside down.

It took me all afternoon to read this novel. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop. I had to because I was supposed to make supper but as soon as that was done, I dove back into the pages of The Nosy Neighbor, eager to find out what they found at the bad guy’s hideaway. I didn’t find out later what was there and the only niggle about the book was that it never showed the FBI finding the goods or what happened to all the assets that were in someone else’s name. Does that person GET all of it? I think the reason why the author didn’t go off on that tangent is because the book is first and foremost, a romance. That is exactly what I was looking to read and it’s exactly what was delivered – with a lot of intense suspense and drama that spicened up the plot. I never had to guess who the villain was because the FBI made it clear early on, but it was the suspense of knowing the guy was gunning for Lucy and the uncertainty and curiosity of trying to guess how it was all going to play out. How was he going to take down the heroine? Why did he choose her and why was he so angry and obsessed? So many fascinating questions that eventually get answered. It was worth dedicating half of my day to this novel.

Yes, Lucy and Wylie do ‘get together’ and it’s an open-door view for readers but it’s not overly graphic which I greatly appreciated. Some of the physical action was fun and silly, yet serious too. It’s serious because they’re falling in love. It’s serious because once the heroine had the sheet time with the hero, she realized something very important. It’s that epiphany that makes her realize the difference between the two men. It’s romance at its finest.

I didn’t add the paranormal genre tag, but maybe I should have. I mean, Lucy did develop a way to hear things not normal for a human. Then again, I know that scientists have actually studied that phenomenon for real, and I saw a documentary a few weeks ago about people who could READ books while being 100% blindfolded with no way to actually see anything at all, so HOW could they read or describe anything like they weren’t blindfolded? It’s incredibly amazing as it is confounding, but it’s real! So, if that can happen in real life, maybe Lucy’s situation isn’t that farfetched. Because of that, I didn’t attach the paranormal tag to my review.

If Ms. Michaels writes this well all the time, I’ve got to read more of her backlist. The Nosy Neighbor was awesome and I had a great time reading the novel. If anyone else is like me and hasn’t read this yet, my recommendation is to rectify that immediately. If a reader likes romantic suspense, courageous puppies and a hero and heroine who are perfect for each other with a very satisfying happy ever after, know that this book delivers.

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