The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch

The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch
Publisher: Gollancz
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

There have been ghosts on the London Underground, sad, harmless spectres whose presence does little more than give a frisson to travelling and boost tourism. But now there’s a rash of sightings on the Metropolitan Line and these ghosts are frightening, aggressive and seem to be looking for something.

Enter PC Peter Grant, junior member of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Assessment unit a.k.a. The Folly a.k.a. the only police officers whose official duties include ghost hunting. Together with Jaget Kumar, his counterpart at the British Transport Police, he must brave the terrifying crush of London’s rush hour to find the source of the ghosts.

Joined by Peter’s wannabe wizard cousin, a preschool river god and Toby the ghost hunting dog, their investigation takes a darker tone as they realise that a real person’s life might just be on the line.

And time is running out to save them.

When PC Peter Grant is contacted by a friend in the Transit Police about people being harassed on the Metropolitan line in the subway, he’s curious but doesn’t think too much of it. After a bit of investigation, he discovers that there absolutely are a various number of ghosts, all with a purpose, on the early morning commuter trains. With Abigail lending a hand, and Nightingale as back up can Peter decipher their message and unravel everything before things get critical.

I really enjoyed this short story and was exceptionally pleased that despite it’s shorter length there is a quite solid and intricate plotline and a few of our favourite characters front and center. I was particularly pleased with the movement and maturing of Abigail’s character and plot arc, I’m thinking there are definitely much bigger things in her near future. I also really enjoyed seeing Peter doing what he does best and it was a pleasure as always to see Nightingale in action.

Readers who enjoy a strong element of magic and paranormal rolled along in with their mysteries should find this an excellent book – and a great series as a whole – I’d happily pick up this shorter book as a brief introduction to the magical world Aaronovitch has created. This is a great, shorter taste of his writing style and the series, but readers who do enjoy this should go back to the beginning and enjoy the story from the start. I don’t feel readers who start here should be too confused though it’s quite clear there are a number of books preceding this one and why miss all the fun?

A quick read and loads of fun with a strong mystery and some exceptional magic and paranormal beings, this is a good time and I recommend it.

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