The Flip by Linda Palmer

The Flip by Linda Palmer
Publisher: Uncial Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/suspense
Length: Full Length (219 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Emily Storey has just flipped her entire life: new town, new apartment, new roomie, new job. She has also gone blonde and lost some weight. What Emily hasn’t managed to do is kick other people’s random thoughts out of her head. That’s no easy feat for a psychic, especially one who has spent the last three years training to enhance her abilities, not suppress them.

Emily soon volunteers to feed the homeless one night a week, hoping she can help change other people’s lives, too. But her good intentions are annihilated when Detective Bastian Rossi, a cop who speaks at her orientation meeting, warns them all against giving rides, loaning phones, or offering shelter to the street people they’re feeding. Homelessness, he tells them, is a chronic problem that no single person can solve. All they’re supposed to do is hand out sandwiches.

In spite of all that, Emily’s first night on the street with her assigned partner goes very well until she begins intercepting random thoughts of the people they’re feeding. She quickly learns that some of them aren’t that needy while others have family willing to help out. But it’s the scattered thoughts of a mystery male presence that bother her most– “…blonde passing out sandwiches …thinks she’s saving lives…maybe I’ll do her next…” Is she the “blonde” and if so, what, exactly, is this creep planning to do to her?

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Emily ‘Jai’ Story had decided to flip her life around. After she left a job at the World Security League due to a new supervisor that she could not stand she moves to a new place, Oklahoma City. Her job was more eccentric then most, she was a recruiter for psychics to join the World Security League. Now she became an Emergency Room Triage Nurse at Mercy Hospital, moved into a new apartment that she shares with a woman, Sam, who she had met at work, and she changed her looks. The most important thing that she was trying to avoid was using her psychic gifts.

She meets Detective Sebastian Rossi at a meeting for volunteers of the Feed the Street Initiative. He was the cop who was giving the volunteers rules to follow to remain safe and seemed to be drawn to her on first sight. Both her her roommate want to help the homeless as much as possible with food and water. During her first day of handing out sandwiches to the homeless with her partner Cory on their assigned area on Homestead Street. What she didn’t expect was how pag hard it would be not to become overwhelmed with the thoughts of the homeless. This shows how much compassion she feels for the less fortunate by still helping every week. Her psychic gifts start to come back to her with a vengeance.

On the second trip she ‘hears’ a voice that sounded like he hates women, although she cannot be sure if it means anything. When she learns later that there is a serial killer on the loose and he seems to be going after women of the streets she realized that she may have heard the killer.

Sebastian always seem to be where Emily is just to make sure that she is all right. It was sweet watching him worm himself into her heart one step at a time. He makes sure that she is safe as possible by driving her home when he can and giving her his jeep to drive wherever she needs to go. She tries to let him know that she doesn’t need it as she has learned self-defense, but when she sees how worried and stressed he is, she gives in.

The love they experience helps them both cope with the stress and horror of the killer. They support each other and one of my favorite scenes is when Sebastion comes to her apartment exhausted and drained. There had been another murder and he needed the comfort she could provide.

Their relationship is kept on the sweet side, with gentle kisses and cuddling. She also had to struggle with what she wanted with her life when the case is solved: should she go back to her former job and leave him behind or stay in Oklahoma City and see what happened with their relationship.

This was a sweet, exciting book I completely enjoyed reading.


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