The Difference Between by Stephanie Burke

The Difference Between by Stephanie Burke
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Rotic, a human boy, was a slave when High Orc Chieftain Vizri first rescued him. Now, as Vizri’s adopted son, Rotic has become a renowned warrior and leader of the Orc Army. Rotic is confused when he’s gifted with a male consort, but he knows he has earned his place in life, and he has full confidence nothing will ever take his power and position away from him.

Ogun is used and broken when he’s brought to the castle of the High Orc Chieftain as tribute — actually a sly insult — by the underhanded Dark Elves. When Ogun is named Consort and meets Rotic, his new partner, he finds himself lost in a whole new way of life before the sun has set. He has a new position and a growing relationship with Rotic. Nothing could ever ruin this for Ogun.

But with treacherous humans threatening the Orc Nation, magical and cultural landmines to traverse, and a new wife added to the mix, Ogun and Rotic’s lives are changing faster than they can blink. Ogun and Rotic have to learn to adjust and overcome before the differences between them become an insurmountable mountain that will destroy them both.

Don’t fight the mothers, because you won’t win!

Oh, man. I loved this book. For once, the Orcs are an honourable race, honest and to the point, full of integrity. I can’t say how long I’ve wanted a story like this, and Ms. Burke delivered fully.

It is hot and saucy, with the scenes between Ogun full of love and laughter, plus plenty of misunderstandings about how the world goes around. I loved that it was the humans and the Elves – okay, Dark Elves, but you get where I’m coming from – that were the ones causing trouble.

As for the mothers, well. That was love, pure and simple. They loved Rotic and only wanted the best for him. Luckily, that included Ogun. I am hoping to return to this so I can see how they treated his ‘wife’, plus how Meti got on with his consort and wife too.

A brilliant story that was over too soon for my liking. Absolutely recommended by me.


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