The Code by Jacqueline Ruby and Marcellus Moses

The Code by Jacqueline Ruby and Marcellus Moses
Publisher: Tellwell Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Rose

The story of the two entangled stars is well known.

Albert Collins, entomology professor, becomes a social media sensation; the sensation becomes a giant celebrity; the celebrity becomes the “Manliest Man” alive.

The small time gangster, Memphis Smith, becomes a prisoner; the prisoner becomes the new Tupac Shakur; the new Tupac takes the world by storm.

Their parallel rise to fame and their fateful meeting on the Tonight Show all played out in real time before their legions of fans and detractors.

Now, for the first time, their inside story, their secret story, is told by those who were closest to them.

Jacqueline (Jack) Ruby, super agent, reveals the methods that allowed Albert Collins to become the most desired man in the world. She takes us behind the scenes to the bankers, film producers and heiresses that made Albert into the very definition of manhood in the 21st. century.

Marcellus Moses does the same for Memphis Smith. He shows us the arrests and prison fights, the raw racism and brilliant talent that made Memphis Number One With A Bullet.

Jacqueline and Marcellus tell their insider accounts to the award winning novelist, Susan Brown, who weaves it altogether in the thunderous adventure of The Code.

This book purports to be an insider account, and the author does a great job at weaving these two very different stories together. The chapters alternate between Jaqueline Ruby’s story with Albert Collins and Marcellus Moses’ work with Memphis Smith. The voices in each chapter are distinct and there is absolutely no confusion about which is which.

I’ve heard before of people who “the camera loves” and Albert Collins is one of those people. It was intriguing to see his rise to fame and the issues it brings into his private life. He was already having issues, so it didn’t take much to convince him to jump wholeheartedly into all the glitz and glamour that Jack Ruby offered. Unfortunately, this read very real to me, because I know people just like Albert – unhappy with their own life and thinking that if they jsut do this, they will be happy.

Memphis, on the other hand, had a whole lot of anger issues. He too jumped at the chance to change his life, but soon found out that the grass may not really be greener on the other side.

The book as a whole raises a lot of questions as to what it means to be a man… two very different looks at what “the code” is… and two very different outcomes. Or are they all that different? This is a story that will stay with me for a long time. I could so see this on the screen. Hollywood, are you listening?

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