The Christmas Wish Knotts by Avis M. Adams

The Christmas Wish Knotts by Avis M. Adams
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Holiday
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Sif is nothing like her namesake–the strong Norse goddess and wife of Thor. She still reels from the trauma of being left at the altar. When Dr. Roger sublets a condo at the Cliff Edge Condos, she is immediately drawn to his dark eyes and warm smile, but how can she trust him after what her ex-fiancé did? She prefers her view of Puget Sound and cat Mr. Martini to the fear of rejection. Her ex-fiancé left her scarred. But can the good doctor heal her wounds?
With the help of the condo HOA president, the Quatre Hens, and Nanc, Sif finds herself surrounded by friends who seem more like enemies to her peace and quiet. But with the magic of Roger’s charms, the Christmas season, and her ever-changing cookie recipe, will the Wedding Knotts turned Good Luck Knotts, turned Christmas Wish Knotts bring Sif the miracle she is hoping for?

If you are looking for a quick, sweet romance to read that puts the ‘happy’ into the happily ever after, then give this story a try. There’s no stressful angst or contrived overdramatic melodrama, just a tale about a nice cookie-baking teacher who was jilted at the alter and now must find her way back into trusting another man that seems too good to be true. Are all good-looking guys narcissistic users? No, and Dr. Roger is going to prove that to Sif. Somehow.

I say somehow, because this book is told only from the point of view of the heroine, Sif, short for Sifjar. It’s her thoughts, decisions, actions and dialogue, both internal and external, that show readers the progression of her journey from jilted bride to a hopeful woman willing to take a second chance at love. It’s Roger’s actions that show the heroine and reader just how smitten he is, how considerate and patient he is as he navigates Sif’s skittish ways. The story shows him as being attentive, caring and thoughtful. He’s not a wuss though. As with a lot of romance book themes with heroes or heroines being jilted at the altar, the ex makes an appearance to muck things up. That is when readers see another side of the good doctor – the hero.

This story is cute, and well written. The only contrary thing I noticed was the pacing. It’s not slow or bogged down – it’s actually quite brisk. It’s the choppiness of the telling. At times it’s abrupt, and jumpy, but it always moves forward towards the goal, lending the story that brisk pace I mentioned. Every now and again I felt a little lost during the transition but other than that, I liked the story, the characters, the romance and the delightful and wonderful holiday themed wrap-up that made me feel the warm and fuzzies.

The blurb mentions the Quatre Hens, and Nanc. Nanc is easy to explain, she’s Sif’s best friend, but the Quatre Hens need to be experienced in order to understand their relationship with the heroine. They are quite the personalities and they both hinder and help with the romance between Roger and Sif. They mean well though and I think, in their own way, they’re like adopted family. They are fun and sweet and give advice whether it’s wanted or not. Sounds like family, doesn’t it?

The Christmas Wish Knotts is a good read with plenty to recommend it. If you are looking for a light holiday themed romance, then this book is a splendid choice.

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