The Captain’s Flirty Fireworks by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead

The Captain’s Flirty Fireworks by Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (41 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

When a hunky fireman and a gorgeous gold medalist meet on Guy Fawkes Night, sparks are sure to fly!

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For Ollie Tresham, the night isn’t looking any better. He might have won gold in the Olympic showjumping ring yet he’s still expected to meet the public at his dad’s charity fireworks extravaganza. But when a rogue rocket heads straight for the showjumper, it takes a quick-thinking fireman like Rob to save the day.

As the flames of the bonfire smolder, Rob and Ollie’s night is just getting started. And it’s sure to go with a bang!

If you save someone from a firework gone astray, is that good enough to get you back into good books if you were mocking their father earlier in the evening? Rob doesn’t think so!

This is another short but sweet contemporary novella set in an English village. Now, this one is short, clocking in on Goodreads at 41 pages. However, for that, you get a full night of ‘action’ plus an epilogue, so I was happy. Rob and Ollie make a cute couple but, apart from the horrendous dad jokes, nothing really set them apart from any other couple.

Still, this is a quick read that manages to engage the reader. Recommended by me as a great coffee-break book.

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