The Bottom Line by Aven Ellis

The Bottom Line by Aven Ellis
Chicago on Ice Book 4
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (259 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Taylor always thought if she and Hunter could be in the same city at the same time, their chemistry might lead to romance—and this winter in Chicago, they are about to find out . . .

After landing her dream job as an assistant buyer for a luxury fashion retailer in Minneapolis, Taylor Hartigan’s life becomes a nightmare. Performing mundane tasks and catering to the ridiculous whims of the boss from hell, she sees no opportunity for advancement. Though she’s never quit anything in her life, Taylor walks out and heads home to Chicago, the city that holds her heart. With her confidence shaken and no job on the horizon, she knows she has to find herself again.

Once she arrives, she’s shocked to learn hockey player Hunter Riley has been traded to the Chicago Buffaloes. Taylor met Hunter the previous season when his hard-hitting play broke the glass in front of her. Meeting him after the game, something passed between them—and has stayed with her ever since. Since she’s followed his career, she knows he’s coming off a disastrous season in Houston and must rediscover his game in Chicago—or face losing his hockey dream.
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The timing couldn’t be worse for the pair to become involved since they’re both at a crossroads but the chemistry between them can’t be denied. Taylor worries that their budding relationship won’t survive the challenges of rebuilding two broken careers. Can the new versions of themselves fit together? Or tear them apart?

Or will love be the bottom line, after all?

I loved this book! When I read the blurb for The Bottom Line I knew I had to read it. I’d like to point out that it doesn’t matter if you read the first three books in this series or not. This was a perfect stand alone.

I LOVE hockey players. I spent my teenage years going to the games just to drool over them. I did happen to meet my husband at a hockey game. He never played professionally but he did grow up playing hockey. A funny story is that he claims he married me on false pretenses. He was under the impression that I enjoyed sports since he met me at a hockey game. He had no idea I was clueless about the actual game but I could tell you all the players names and numbers and if they were single.

The heroine, Taylor was extremely relatable. I could understand Taylor’s thought process as if they were my own. It’s a struggle to gain the confidence to try something new. Especially when your entire life was planned, goal oriented towards one objective. Then when you achieve what you worked so hard for only to discover you hate it is mind boggling. All I ever wanted was to be a teacher. I learned pretty quickly that it wasn’t for me. It took me many years to work up the courage to quit like Taylor did. I love how she turned her life around and took charge again. I only wish I had that kind of courage. Fear of failing is paralyzing. I admired how Taylor accepted the challenge to rebuild her career.

The hero, Hunter, had his own internal demons to contend with which put them at similar crossroads. Together as a couple they could understand each other and support each other which made their relationship real and honest. I enjoyed watching their love evolve. Even when they had their first fight. I especially loved their first encounter with each other. I’ve often fantasized over a hockey player making a hard-hitting play that’d break the glass in front of me. I fell in love with Hunter as quick as Taylor did. They had all the right “feel-goods” in a memorable romance story.

This was my first Aven Ellis book and I loved her writing style enough to want to go back and read the other three books in this series. I grew fond of the side characters and I googled that they have their own story in the series. I’ve never been to Chicago but I want to go now just to try a Chicago hot dog. I’m not sure if I’d like it because I’m more like Hunter with his love for ketchup.

The Bottom Line was a heartwarming and entertaining read. The bottom line for me was this book was a score!

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