The Billionaire and the Escort by Evelyn Mahony

The Billionaire and the Escort by Evelyn Mahony
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

In the world of high-end escorts, getting personal is never part of the arrangement.

When Josh Roberts became a male escort, there was no room for emotions. They went against the job description. He had a full appointment book and enough clients to pay the bills. There was definitely no time to get attached to an older, extremely successful, incredibly gorgeous man who paid for his services.

But Josh can’t turn down the money that has started rolling in, along with the gifts and the opportunity to live in the lap of luxury as the man flies him around the world to play pretend as his boyfriend. How on earth is he supposed to say no? Especially once he starts falling for his client.

James Barnwell is the successful CEO of Winter Luxury Resorts who stumbled upon Josh Roberts in a dark, high-end bar in midtown Manhattan. The young man was cocky, young, beautiful and offered James exactly what he was looking for—the chance to be with a man who knew the ropes and offered no opportunity to get attached. James had a lucrative business to run and meetings all over the world to attend. Having someone by his side would just weigh him down—or so he thinks, until he finds himself caring deeply for the man he pays for companionship, and it completely changes his world.

Two men are trying to play make believe—until they realize their sham might be closer to reality than they thought.

An Escort and a Billionaire – sounds like the start of a joke, right? Well, it’s actually the start of a love story between a young artist and an older business owner. Trust me, it will all make sense.

I enjoyed how the story rolled out, with the instant attraction and the constant fight to keep things professional. I also loved how it was James who was the insecure one who needed baby steps. It is hot and steamy from the word go and only slows down as you near the end. Once again, this all makes sense for the story.

What I found a little confusing was the ‘Daddy’ part of it. Now, I love a good Daddy story as much as the next person, but nine times out of ten, the dynamic didn’t exactly work.

On the whole, this was a great story with the opportunity for more from this cast of characters. I enjoyed it all and have no hesitation in recommending it for a steamy summer read.

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